AAA: NetNumber Access Authentication and Authorization (AAA) is one of several applications supported by the TITAN Centralized Signaling and Routing Control (CSRC) platform and allows different types of clients to authenticate WiFi connected users requesting access to PS services delivered by IMS networks.


BGCF: The BGCF acts as a SIP proxy in IMS networks processing requests for routing from an S-CSCF when a SIP session cannot be routed within the IMS domain using ENUM/DNS resolution. The BGCF routings are based on analysis of dialed-digits and/or other information like the location information of the caller and is used to select the appropriate breakout point (either SIP or TDM) for originating sessions in an IMS network.


CRE: The NetNumber CRE application provides fixed-line carriers, mobile-operators, Cable-MSOs and IPX providers with a single point of provisioning for routing policy updates that are applied in real-time across the network. NetNumber CRE also offers the unique capability to apply the routing policy updates across technology domains like SS7/C7 for ISUP call handling and IP for SIP and Diameter session handling.


CSRC: NetNumber TITAN provides a Centralized Signaling and Routing Control (CSRC) platform for all signaling control services — ENUM/DNS, SIP, DIAMETER, RADIUS, SS7/C7 and SIGTRAN. More details on TITAN.


DNS: NetNumber DNS is a high-performance Authoritative Domain Name Server (Authoritative-DNS) application on the TITAN platform supporting domain name resolution services for network signaling clients. Although most carriers/operators maintain a stand-alone DNS infrastructure for public Internet name resolution, customers of TITAN often choose to utilize authoritative DNS services on the TITAN platform to simplify the configuration of signaling-clients inside the network that need access to private domain name resolution services delivered in conjunction with ENUM, SIP or Diameter signaling.


DSC: The flexible Diameter interworking provided by NetNumber DSC between the existing SS7-based 2G/3G packet core systems and the Diameter-based EPC and IMS networks is extremely important for the foreseeable future. This is especially true for LTE Roaming and Wi-Fi Offload scenarios highly facilitated with the combination of NetNumber DSC and NetNumber STP integrated on the same TITAN CSRC platform.


ENUM: The TITAN platform is world’s most widely deployed Carrier-ENUM infrastructure in Fixed, Mobile, Cable and IPX networks. The NetNumber ENUM application has been hardened through experience to deliver market-leading scalability, performance, reliability and flexibility.


Global Data Services: NetNumber’s Global Data Services provide carriers access to a wide range of industry data. Over 100 NetNumber customers accurately route Voice, Messaging, and Hub/Transit services using this data. More details on GDS.


HLR: The NetNumber HLR/AuC application is deployed in GSM and UMTS networks. NetNumber HLR/AuC provides security (authentication) services, location management, delivery of subscriber profiles and call handling data.


HSS: The NetNumber HSS/AuC application is deployed in LTE EPC and IMS networks delivering subscriber profile and authentication services for fixed-line, cable, or LTE mobile access. NetNumber HSS/AuC has three key competitive advantages over HSS products from other leading vendors: scalability, data distribution and custom logic.


IN-SCP: NetNumber Intelligent Network Service Control Point (IN-SCP) offers the unique capability of a multi-protocol, programmable service control point that provides for smooth migration of legacy IN-SCP services into the next-generation network.


I+S-CSCF: The I-CSCF acts as a SIP proxy in IMS networks processing requests for UE registration and originating / terminating session routing. The I-CSCF routes the session based on predefined routes (such as ATCF, IMS AS or SCC-AS routes) and on the result of the HSS query. In the latter case, the I-CSCF is used to select the appropriate S-CSCF serving the IMS subscriber or the appropriate IMS AS serving the public service identity. In case of an unknown subscriber, the I-CSCF can forward the requests to a dedicated network element (e.g. BGCF, IBCF, TRF), for the selection of the next hop.


IWF: TITAN offers the flexibility and the capability to interwork all supported signaling protocols including, where applicable, real-time adaptations per message and/or parameter.


LRF: The NetNumber LRF application handles the retrieval of location information for the UE. The LRF contains an integrated Routing Determination Function (RDF) to obtain routing information. The LRF may interact with an external Location Server (LS) or contain an integrated Location DB in order to obtain location information.


NP: NetNumber NP provides a solution for management number-portability across every type of network and protocol: AIN and INAP; MAP, CAP, WIN and PCS-1900; and ENUM, SIP and DIAMETER.


STP: The NetNumber STP application offers SS7/C7 Signaling Transfer Point (STP) and Signaling Gateway (SG) services over traditional time-division multiplexing (TDM) networks and/or Internet Protocol (SIGTRAN) networks. By selecting NetNumber for STP/SG services our customers are investing in a future-proof infrastructure that dramatically simplifies the transition from a TDM network to an IP network, and from a SS7/C7-based signaling working practice to the new SIP/Diameter-based signaling paradigm.


SS7 Firewall: NetNumber SS7 Firewall provides unique security capabilities as an integral part of the SS7 protocol stack. As a result NetNumber SS7 Firewall augments and enhances other SS7 applications on TITAN including STP, HLR/AuC and IN-SCP.


SCIM: NetNumber SCIM offers a flexible service orchestration application layer that can be used to trigger both IN Services and IMS Services. The data driven nature of the TITAN platform offers operators the ability to configure and update their service orchestrations as they see fit. A Telco grade data model provides the re-assurance of consistency across the orchestration and the data that it uses.


Ut-Proxy: NetNumber Ut Proxy is dedicated to use cases associated with the Generic Authentication Architecture (GAA). NetNumber Ut Proxy consists of the Bootstrapping Server Function (BSF) and the Authentication Proxy (AP) acting as a combination of a Network Application Function (NAF) and reverse HTTP proxy.