NetNumber’s innovative signaling control solutions enable carriers to accelerate implementation of new services across multiple generations of networks, while dramatically simplifying the core network and reducing operating costs. For a demonstration or more information, contact




NetNumber Centralized Routing Engine (CRE) offers IPX providers a single point of provisioning for routing policy updates that are applied in real-time across the network. NetNumber CRE also offers the unique capability to apply the routing policy updates across technology domains with SS7/C7 for ISUP call handling and IP for SIP, DNS/ENUM and Diameter session handling.

  • New Service Delivery – with NetNumber CRE, adding support for new services on TITAN is as easy as updating logic or data. The result is a dramatic acceleration of new service delivery.
  • Standardized Interfaces – TITAN is a multi-protocol signaling-control platform that does not restrict the number or type of protocols accessing CRE data, service-logic and policy. Hence the solution is “future proof” when adding new switches/servers in the network.
  • Converged Routing Scenarios – the CRE services are implemented with the programmable TITAN RPL that simplifies chaining of multiple service requirements like number-portability, call-screening, flow-control in a single integrated solution.
  • OSS/BSS Simplification – the paradigm shift with the CSRC model on TITAN has the potential to make orchestration actions in IT systems superfluous and the flexibility of the TITAN service logic has proven its OSS/BSS agility in minimizing impact on IT systems.




The flexible Diameter interworking provided by NetNumber DSC between the existing SS7 based 2G/3G packet core systems and the Diameter-based EPC and IMS networks is a key asset for LTE Roaming and Wi-Fi Offload scenarios highly facilitated with the combination of NetNumber DSC and NetNumber STP integrated on the same TITAN platform. The comprehensive features of NetNumber DSC are implemented using the TITAN Resolution Programming Language (RPL) enabling the efficient integration of customer-defined and industry standard functions.

The key advantage of NetNumber DSC is the ability to co-locate its Diameter functions with SIP, ENUM, DNS and SS7 services on a common TITAN platform including powerful dynamic service chaining mechanisms. The unique TITAN solution radically simplifies signaling and control in the core network and offers a flexible and a sustainable solution in the migration from TDM to IP.



Global Data Services

NetNumber operates a cloud-service that utilizes TITAN software to deliver multiple data services to the market.  The NetNumber Global Data Service (GDS) includes the following solutions:

  • Carrier-ID: Allows any communications service provider to query the NetNumber cloud to determine who owns/controls a given telephone number.
  • Data Download: Allows any US-based carrier/operator to download a copy of North American routing data for a simple flat monthly fee. 
  • Override Service Registry (OSR):  Supports accurate routing of text messaging traffic in North America.




All the NetNumber IMS Core applications can be licensed and implemented as stand-alone services or combined to enable dynamic service chaining. Combining multiple IMS logical functions (I-CSCF, S-CSCF, HSS/AuC, BGCF, IM-SSF, USSD-GW, ENUM, etc.) on a common TITAN Centralized Signaling and Routing Control (CSRC) platform provides an IMS Core that is easier to scale and costs less to implement and support.

Collocation scenarios with other NetNumber applications like NP, Diameter DRA, SS7 STP, IWF and the Centralized Routing Engine (CRE) offers operators with TITAN a very powerful network asset to radically simplify their diversity of number portability and routing solutions to a single provisioned and controlled session routing for all networks, all locations and all signaling types.




Public Safety and defense organizations need secure, reliable LTE communications in the field, and investing in a private LTE network is now becoming commonplace. The TITAN-powered HSS withAuC, is at the core of critical Public Safety organizations networks today providing reliable LTE communication solutions, that can be expanded as needed. NetNumber’s HSS is a secure, scalable and cost-effective solution where physical resource constraints are a key factor in determining the network architecture.




Robocalling Services help users and networks detect and further enable users to control automated, prerecorded telephone calls.  The CRE application in NetNumber TITAN provides operators with a single point of provisioning for routing policy updates that are applied in real-time across the network.  Robocalling Services encompass a range of white, black and grey list customer-defined services that sit at the heart of the network and enable operators to decide how to manage, filter and prevent robocalls going through their networks.  Operators can use augmenting services like number portability data to determine if a call is part of a robocalling scheme.




NetNumber TITAN supports multiple signaling protocols in one single platform (such as SIP, Diameter, SS7/C7 and ENUM/DNS). This provides several unique capabilities, including:

  • Signaling Control in a versatile signaling control engine for the supported protocols.
  • Signaling Interworking of all protocols including the capability for real-time adaptations.
  • Dynamic Service Chaining of one or more service applications per session, call or message.
  • Common Databases with the unmatched advantage that all service applications can utilize the same data (including data in external databases) and for all signaling protocols.
  • Customer Defined Service Logic (RPL) offering flexibility of data structures and service logic.

NetNumber IWF supports a broad variety of interworking use cases for access management, for optimized VoLTE routing, use of legacy IN services in IMS networks, seamless interworking with existing Number Portability platforms, and USSD support.




NetNumber provides the industry’s most comprehensive multi-protocol signaling firewall on the TITAN platform.  The NetNumber Multi-protocol Signaling Firewall provides firewall capabilities for all signaling protocols including SS7, Diameter, SIP, HTTP and DNS/ENUM.  As these firewall applications can be combined seamlessly with other NetNumber applications such as an STP, DSC, HSS or HLR on the same TITAN platform, telecom operators have an unprecedented level of multi-protocol signaling protection, flexibility and operational uniformity in a platform that can reduce Opex/Capex costs and improve efficiency.




NetNumber STP offers a comprehensive feature set for SS7/C7/SIGTRAN interworking, security gateway, screening and routing and unlimited scalability. With the NetNumber STP/SG services customers invest in a future-proof infrastructure that dramatically simplifies the transition from a TDM network to an IP network, and from a SS7/C7 based signaling working practice to the new SIP/Diameter based signaling paradigm.