The deadline for service providers to meet the STIR/SHAKEN mandate in the US is quickly approaching.   In my previous blog, I described the need to assign correct attestation.  Erroneous attestation settings are just one of the threats to the STIR/SHAKEN ecosystem; PBX fraud and other breaches of network equipment operating inside the trusted STIR/SHAKEN framework can also wreak havoc.

And that’s where Origination ID (OrigID) can help. 

OrigID is a UUID, or Universally Unique Identifier, string that uniquely identifies the source network (and often more) of each call.  As a mandatory element of each PASSporT, it facilitates traceback of a call reported to be fraudulent. OrigID helps protect against “insider threats” such as erroneous attestation and PBX fraud.

OrigID is thus a critical part of STIR/SHAKEN. While rarely mentioned, this unsung hero quietly serves as the last line of defense in maintaining consumer confidence in caller IDs.  But OrigID implementations vary greatly from network to network.  Some service providers may assign one OrigID for all calls originating from their networks.   Others take this a step further and assign one OrigID per type of call, business versus transit for example.   But these approaches can definitely be improved upon.  For insider threats, where fraud is at the source of the call, it is best to assign granular and unique OrigIDs per a meaningful group of customers to facilitate rapid traceback and help to quickly remove a bad actor from the network.   Failure to do so could result in revocation of a service provider’s right to operate within the STIR/SHAKEN trusted network.

When service providers are choosing a STIR/SHAKEN solution, it is imperative they pick a solution that can flexibly take into account TN range, trunk group, Point Code, and more in setting the OrigID value. NetNumber’s Guaranteed caller solution does all that and more.  Let us help you become STIR/SHAKEN compliant by the June 30th deadline.

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This blog was written by 
Michael Campbell, Guaranteed Caller Product Manager, NetNumber


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