NetNumber TITAN Platform Accommodates a wide range of SS7, Diameter, ENUM and SIP Domain Solutions Protected by Multiprotocol Signaling Firewalls

LOWELL, Mass. — Aug. 29, 2018 — NetNumber today announced that carriers modernizing their network infrastructures to accommodate network function virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) are driving demand for the NetNumber converged signaling infrastructure. This infrastructure includes STP, Diameter and multiprotocol signaling firewalls delivered on the NetNumber TITAN platform.

NetNumber TITAN is the industry’s most robust centralized signaling and routing (CSRC) platform, with SS7/C7, SIGTRAN, ENUM, DNS, SIP and Diameter services on the same signaling-control architecture. The addition of centralized provisioning and scalable subscriber database services on NetNumber TITAN enable carriers to add easily a wide range of solutions to support the transition from legacy to next-generation networking in one platform. Growing security concerns with SS7 and Diameter signaling networks have caused carriers to deploy signaling firewalls to protect signaling networks and interconnect arrangements. The softwarebased infrastructure provided by NetNumber TITAN runs on many different virtualized platforms.

“Carriers are in the midst of an industry evolution from hardware to software-based networks,” explained Matt Rosenberg, senior vice president of NetNumber Global Sales. “While this transition is still in the early to mid-stages, the burden of management and high cost infrastructure in legacy services, coupled with the latest technology demands by consumers, are driving many carriers to actively seek a modernized approach to the latest network capabilities so that services operate seamlessly across legacy and new networks. The NetNumber TITAN platform is designed to gracefully support the transition from 2G to 3G to 4G and eventually to 5G. By modernizing their network architecture with NetNumber TITAN, carriers can benefit from increased network performance and scalability with lower operational costs and increased support for next-generation services.”

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NetNumber, Inc. brings more than 17 years of experience delivering innovative signaling control solutions that enable carriers to accelerate implementation of new services across multiple generations of networks, while dramatically simplifying the core network and reducing operating costs. Today, we are the leading provider of Centralized Signaling and Routing Control (CSRC) solutions to the global communications industry. Carriers benefit by deploying a wide range of services and applications on the platform across the Wireless, Wireline, Cable, Interconnect, MVNO and P-LTE networks. Visit for more information. Connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook.

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