In the migration to next-generation networks, carriers recognize the need to maintain their existing SS7 network for at least the next several years. As many vendors have decided to end-of-life their Signal Transfer Point (STP) solutions, carriers may feel their options are limited.

We believe carriers are best served by selecting an STP that (1) will not disrupt network services or impact interconnected networks and (2) can be implemented with DIAMETER routing on the same platform in order to reduce network complexity and provide CAPEX and OPEX savings. 

The NetNumber STP application is delivered by TITAN, the industry’s most robust centralized signaling and routing (CSRC) platform.

The TITAN STP consists of the TITAN Master and TITAN Edge nodes. Provisioning is executed on the TITAN Master and replicated in real time to a constellation of TITAN Edges providing the signaling services. The TITAN Edges operate as a Mated Pair Active/Active.  No disruption to network services or impact to interconnected networks.

By choosing TITAN, carriers can invest in a future-proof infrastructure that simplifies the transition from a TDM to an IP network, and from SS7/C7-based signaling to the latest SIP/DIAMETER-based signaling paradigm.  Contact us if you’d like a demonstration of STP and DIAMETER interworking on the same platform.

What do you think carriers should consider when selecting an STP?

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