Private Networks - Netcore DRN

In an emergency situation, a key consideration is to control and contain the scene. Key to this is an effective communications strategy with an emphasis on field personnel. The ability to remain in contact with your colleagues and operational centers could be the difference between a controlled situation and one which would be potentially hazardous for both operatives and the general public.


Mobile Handsets provide the perfect means of communication for both victims of a disaster situation and also the First Responders themselves. Limitations and issues with traditional Macro Mobile Networks are:

Poor delivery or no network coverage in the disaster area due to network failure
Get turned off in a potential terrorist attack (secondary device)
Get swamped with high volumes of traffic

    Provision of a controllable local network specifically designed for the purpose of First Response will ensure effective communications. In this situation, it is essential that the widest “Any G” coverage can be deployed, and all members of the public can be automatically registered to the Disaster Response Network and receive information to guide them to safety.

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