Earlier this week, Nokia Networks issued a press release naming NetNumber as one of several innovation champions in their Silicon Valley Open Innovation Challenge.   Finalists were invited to participate in a two-day event to explore the topic of innovation. NetNumber was the most mature company to be included, having been founded in 1999.

So how does a company 14 years in business continue to innovate?

One of the guest speakers from a well-known think tank defined innovation as turning ideas into revenue. That is certainly the case with our TITAN platform, which has been deployed by more than 135 carrier customers around the globe and continues to gain momentum.

I think innovation also is about tackling familiar problems in new ways. The iPod changed how we buy and listen to music. Facebook has changed how we share life’s details with “friends.” The Google car will likely change how we drive to work.

Similarly, NetNumber is tackling signaling in new ways.  We are radically simplifying signaling and control. NetNumber TITAN provides a common infrastructure for the virtual delivery of real-time signaling and control combined with database services. This is very different from other approaches in which each signaling function is virtualized separately.

We are honored to be recognized as an innovator by a company with a long history and strong culture of innovation. And when one of the Nokia executives commented that we are making signaling exciting again, we couldn’t have been prouder.

Share your perspective on innovation. How do you define it?


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