Anyone who hires talent understands the process takes time and effort. For the past several months, I’ve been focused on finding and hiring the very best sales and solutions design talent in our industry. I’m ready to declare “success” as I’ve completed my initial expansion of the NetNumber Sales and Solutions group.

As our customer base continues to grow across the globe, we have put in place the first steps to support their efforts in the US and Europe.  While NetNumber is headquartered in Lowell, MA, we now offer satellite sales and solutions design offices in the US in Dallas, Tampa, and Raleigh and in Europe in Amsterdam, Madrid, Manchester, Munich, Paris and Zagreb. I anticipate further expansion this year into the Middle East and AsiaPac regions.

I’m so proud of our excellent track record in supporting our customers. With our extended footprint, customers will have a wide range of options to engage with NetNumber locally and experience how we provide industry leading solutions in ENUM, Number Portability, SS7/C7,  Centralized Routing, and a host of IMS functions and services on our TITAN SRD Platform. As always, you can reach out to to learn more.

Matt Rosenberg

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