On the one hand, telecom operators are going through the burden of upgrading their networks to 5G. On the other hand, they are dealing with the complexities of migrating from legacy network monitoring and management means, to IT-based software-defined infrastructures that are virtual and soon-to-be cloud-native, meaning a shift to leveraging a great deal of container-based functions.

Orchestration and automation is the key to operate next-generation IT infrastructure-bound telecom networks. Additionally, monitoring and managing the network has always been a crucial part of telecom operations. Traditionally-used simple network management protocol (SNMP), which is essential for monitoring, doesn’t exist anymore. Also, there are different types of data that move around the network and have a distinct set of requirements about latency or the way they are replicated.

With the changing architecture, the data management models also change, leading to a shift in telecom business strategies. Hence, operators need “a guide” who can help them ride the waves of modernization and adopt cloud-native or container-based infrastructures to support their networks.

Addressing this need is NetNumber, a provider of Centralized Signaling and Routing Control (CSRC) solutions to wireless and wireline telecommunications operators. “We are an intergenerational platform for the core of the telecom network. We provide means to move into IT infrastructure,” says Steve Legge, COO of NetNumber.

Dealing with the core aspects of telecom networks such as signalling, routing, security, and subscriber data management, NetNumber brings capabilities that relieve the stress of operators and provide pathways to bridge the gap between the legacy and modern networks. With a skilled workforce, the company understands the complexity of multi-generational networks and helps clients in deploying new infrastructure and connecting them to legacy infrastructures. Leveraging the experience of more than 20 years, the company provides scalable, customisable, purpose-specific solutions that leverage edge computing and enables network operation both in the current as well as the future states, i.e. 5G.

Moreover, NetNumber realizes the importance of access to the data that was stored in proprietary systems in the past. To this end, the company enables customers to access that information on any present system that they use, such as analytics platforms. NetNumber’s TITAN, a robust CSRC platform, provides a standard, virtualized infrastructure for all signalling control, routing policy enforcement, and subscriber database services in the network. From a security standpoint, the company offers a multi-protocol signalling firewall that caters to the various security needs of the customers. The firewall and multi-protocol aspect of the platform give them the capability of checking and validating messages that traverse the network against database or data feeds in real-time.

NetNumber takes a consultative approach to deal with the problems that clients face by understanding their current and future goals. Recognizing the potential issues, the company then offers the product set and platform to simplify their infrastructure and reduce the cost of managing their infrastructure. Furthermore, NetNumber is actively playing a leadership role in the GSMA group for interconnected fraud and security and making security and telecom data available in a standardized format to its customers.

From supplying and installing the solutions to operating the network for clients, NetNumber works with them as partners throughout their migration journey. This way, they have built many long-term relationships with their customers. In the recent instance, the company assisted a UK based Tier 1 operator who serves across the globe, in making their network management process cost-effective and smooth. The operator was managing and provisioning network in different countries manually, which was a complicated and costly affair. NetNumber implemented a routing solution for clients that allowed them to centralize the provisioning of their network into a single location. This elimination of manual provisioning led to cost-saving and reduced errors. In another case, the company implemented a firewall solution for a Tier 1 carrier that helped them analyse and neutralize the threat vectors quickly across their network. With many such success stories, NetNumber is continuously expanding its footprints in the 5G world across its existing markets around the globe, covering North America, APAC region, and Europe.

Download the NetNumber sponsored HardenStance White Paper – A Blueprint for a Cloud-Native Telco

This blog is an abstract from an original article in Telecom Tech Outlook 


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