Bingol Kose, Director of NetNumber Global Data Services Business

This year’s MVNO World Congress took place April 24-27 in Nice. NetNumber Director of the Global Data Services Business, Bingol Kose, attended the event. Below are his key take-aways.

Most of the MVNOs at the Congress are focusing on niche markets as ethnic groups, young people, football clubs, corporate, subject matter experts, etc. to offer something more than what mobile network operators (MNOs) can offer. As it is a very segmented market with lots of players, the expectation is for lots of consolidations to occur in the coming years. For the MVNOs, bundling is and will be more and more important to differentiate themselves from competition.

Operators are starting to consider MVNOs as another sales channel for the segments they cannot serve. Two operators in the UK explained they are looking at MVNOs as a sales channel and opportunity for revenue given MVNOs can shrink time-to-market and deliver more customer-focused offers. Operators are also thinking about how virtualization can help reduce cost and time-to-market.

The next step for MVNOs is to start targeting businesses. Currently, MVNOs are B2C. There are very few MVNOs in the market working B2B. One such MVNO shared its experience and service offering with the other MVNOs willing to move into B2B markets.

Several European MVNOs expressed concerns about the new EU Roaming decision that will become effective in June 2017. This decision will result in retail roaming prices disappearing while whole roaming prices will not. European MVNOs are exploring ways to continue to be attractive to their customers.

There were several sessions on eSIM, vSIM, iSIM as solutions that will help MVNO players to more easily enter the IoT market as each type of device can subscribe to MVNO services. And, different panel discussions provided guidance to MVNOs on how to be successful in this competitive market.

It was good to see MVNOs sharing their experiences, lessons learned to become a successful MVNO, and tips for bundling the different services.

For more information on how NetNumber can help MVNOs with service offerings, contact If you attended the MVNO World Congress, we’d love to hear your perspective on the key take-aways below.

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