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Brad Boston, President and CEO, NetNumber

Last month, Brad reviewed how new digital services burden the CSP signaling architecture.  In his most current video, Brad outlines the recommendations he shares with carriers looking to mediate this signaling burden.

Carriers can kind of deal with the explosion of signaling requests in a number of different ways. First, they can go and consolidate different data sources and provision them into a single system so that a single signaling request can go and refer to multiple different data sources to go and resolve whatever question it’s being asked to perform as opposed to forwarding those signaling requests on to several different data sources. So by doing that, you eliminate the ongoing request to those signaling requests to those other data sources.

Secondly, you can go and consolidate multiple signaling functions into a single platform. If you take a look at an IMS infrastructure in a carrier, there are multiple standalone signaling appliances all doing a very small finite task. When they’re done, they pass another signaling request on to another signaling appliance for it to go and do its task. So instead of bouncing those signaling messages around, why don’t you collapse those systems, those solutions, those appliances into one software-based solution and perform all the functions in one place? Therefore, eliminating those ongoing signaling messages on optimizing the processing of that signaling request.

And then finally, carriers can go and take that data and that signal processing and distribute it in multiple locations in their network. So they can choose kind of where is the optimal place where that signaling request is coming in for me to go and handle that processing so I can do it in a way that’s most cost-effective, has the best performance, and offers the best service to my customers?

What’s your your experience and perspective with deploying LTE?  How much is signaling burdening your network?  To learn more about how NetNumber can help you deploy new services without burdening the signaling architecture of your network, contact us at sales@netnumber.com

And, check back next month as Brad discusses how NetNumber TITAN can help CSPs future proof their networks for NFV, M2M and IoT.

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