NetCore Disaster Response Network to be Discussed with Innovation Showcase Expert

LOWELL, Mass. — Oct. 11, 2021 — NetNumber announced today that it has been chosen to present its NetCore 5G Disaster Response Network (DRN) Solution as part of the Innovation Showcase to key attendees.

NetNumber’s NetCore 5G DRN meets the requirements for all tactical disaster response situations. Packaged as a man-portable 2G/3G/LTE/5G network that can be deployed within minutes of arriving at the scene, the DRN provides a seamless transition from the Macro Mobile Network to a Private Network. Automatic registration of users on their standard mobile handset with white-list/black-list protection, combined with inbound/outbound calling and messaging ensures that all sites covered by DRN have a consistent numbering plan that ensures effective communication across all sites within the network.

For over 20 years the TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Expo has connected top applied research and early-stage innovations from universities, labs, and startups with industry end-users and prospectors. TechConnect’s Innovation Showcase offers a unique and vetted pipeline for corporate, federal and venture capitalists to discover and connect with emerging technologies.

“NetNumber is thrilled to have been chosen to participate in TechConnect’s Innovation Showcase,” said Matt Rosenberg, Chief Revenue Officer, NetNumber. “Our goal is to deliver a complete and robust solution for the First Responder community that includes data, wireless and encrypted communication. Our DRN solution ensures an effective migration away from standalone “islands of connectivity” to a fully integrated network that focusses on effective deployment of secure, mobile technology.”

About NetNumber
NetNumber, Inc. brings more than two decades of experience delivering core network signaling control platforms that power global telecom and enterprise networks. Our industry leading TITAN Centralized Signaling and Routing Control (CSRC) platform has been deployed by operators across the globe to simplify core networks in order to deliver new services and reduce operating costs. TITAN.IUM, the latest evolution for NetNumber, is an innovative, intergenerational ecosystem for 5G that bridges legacy 2G, 3G and 4G technology to the new cloud-native era. TITAN.IUM enables our customers to migrate multiple generations of services, to a common, secure, simplified modern ecosystem. This means that the legacy applications can benefit from the technology of next generation of networks that are containerized, scalable and ultra-low latency.

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