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LOWELL, Mass. — Mar. 12, 2018 — NetNumber, Inc. announced today its TITAN Centralized Signaling and Routing Control (CSRC) platform has been selected by Pareteum Corporation, the rapidly growing mobile Cloud Communications Platform company. The company is a leading global provider of mobile networking Software as a Service (SaaS) for enterprise, IoT/M2M and emerging Cloud technology.

Pareteum has selected the NetNumber TITAN platform with STP and Diameter applications to support its mission of “every person and every thing connected” and work seamlessly within its virtual environment based on Amazon Web Services. NetNumber TITAN, the industry’s most robust centralized CSRC platform, provides a common, virtualized infrastructure for all signaling control, routing policy enforcement and subscriber database services in the network. By selecting the STP and DSC applications on TITAN, carriers and mobile network operators are able to integrate virtual functions such as the high-performance firewall security alongside next-generation SIP and Diameter support for a secure and future-proof solution. Because TITAN provides these through software rather than costly hardware components, it is especially suited to the unique characteristics of IoT and M2M traffic. The virtualized environment provided by TITAN provides the ability to scale up and down based on transaction volumes. TITAN customers can invest in an architecture that grows as their business grows, maximizing CAPEX investment.

“We selected NetNumber TITAN primarily because it integrates multiple network functions into a single virtualized platform,” said Ali Davachi, chief operating officer and chief technology officer, Pareteum. “Deploying a single virtualized platform into our core network will be much easier and cost-effective than deploying multiple devices. For
example, integration of the virtualized NetNumber TITAN platform with Pareteum’s network management environment will enable us to manage all network functions and Pareteum customers centrally—leading to operational cost savings. The NetNumber TITAN platform enables us to mix and match the network functions we need for the services we offer today, and add additional ones as we deliver new services to market.”

NetNumber continues to see uptake of its STP application as SS7 networks continue to provide services to billions of subscribers worldwide. These networks and their services must be supported until the transition to next-generation networks is complete, which could be up to a decade from now. As this network transition occurs, services must operate seamlessly across both legacy and new networks.

“Our customers select the NetNumber TITAN platform to enable the deployment of a future-proof infrastructure that is compatible with today’s network technologies and designed to support their growth and the delivery of next-generation services,” said Matt Rosenberg, NetNumber senior vice president of Global Sales and Partner Development. “We are excited to work with Pareteum as the company delivers on its mission of connecting everyone and everything. Pareteum’s selection of NetNumber TITAN provides them with an advanced STP application in a platform that easily integrates with other signaling, routing and database application and supports the migration to new services like IoT and M2M.”
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