Mark Noe, Senior Director, Business Development

I spoke at the IMS World Forum on April 25 about the opportunities for Private LTE networks beyond the public safety market to provide advanced communications to all.  Private LTE networks harness the power of IMS, enabling the delivery of voice, voice, video, messaging, and presence.

Enterprises worldwide are discovering how LTE technology opens the door to new wireless use cases that provide business transformation.  They are also learning the advantages of replacing or augmenting their existing wireless solutions (WiFi) with cost-effective Private LTE network technology. The NetNumber Private LTE solution can be deployed in defense, healthcare, government, utilities, mining, maritime, manufacturing and to provide rural broadband coverage for underserved populations.

LTE is no longer a technology just for mobile operators. LTE has evolved to a point where it has become simple and affordable for a much larger market to take advantage of, particularly the enterprise.  And for good reason as LTE advantages include:

  • Coverage: LTE technology delivers superior indoor and outdoor range compared to WiFi with improved interference characteristics that enable new wireless use cases not possible before
  • Capacity:  LTE can now easily accommodate a large number of wireless devices and high data rate applications such as video conferencing, HD voice, surveillance, and social media
  • Seamless Mobility:  LTE provides greater service continuity in highly mobile environments, such as with public safety and defense
  • Ubiquitous User Devices: LTE enabled smartphones and tablets are widely available and already used/owned by the user base supporting a BYOD model
  • Interoperability and Security: 3GPP standards are closely adhered to across vendors and includes some of the strongest security standards (encryption, key management)

NetNumber offers an architectural solution that makes Private LTE networks more scalable, affordable, and easy to deploy and manage.  Systems integrators, operators and vendors alike can easily integrate the NetNumber Private LTE solution into their own Private LTE portfolio of products. The NetNumber Private LTE solution leverages our TITAN platform to provide a flexible, scalable solution that has a low capex entry point and is simple to operate. All software components are 3GPP standards compliant based components and is being used to implement Private LTE solutions around the world. Visit to learn more.

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