Service Communication Proxy (SCP)

NetNumber Integrated Service Communication Proxy (SCP)

Service Communication Proxy (SCP) is one of the most important pieces of the 3GPP Service-Based Architecture (SBA) for 5G core networks. The SCP has similarity functionality to the Diameter Routing Agent in 4G, functioning as a control point in the middle of the network core and several performs crucial functions. The SCP performs key functions that simplify the core’s routing topology and offload the Network Repository Function (NFR) from discovery functionality, enabling greater SBA scale. These include load balancing, message manipulation, message distribution, overload handling and traffic prioritization.

Feature Highlights

For two decades, NetNumber has been a leader in fixed and mobile signaling, routing and security. SCP functionality is supported on NetNumber TITAN.IUM. Product capabilities include

  • Customizable message dissector analysis
  • Powerful, award winning, rules engine
  • Message manipulation
  • Custom load balancing
  • Traffic prioritization
  • Multi-level of congestion control
  • Stateless autoscaling
  • Part of TITAN.IUM’s InterGENerational signaling/routing solution (SS7, Diameter, SIP and more)
  • Designed developed and delivered as part of a multi-level, secure, cloud native CI/CD solution
  • Deployable on premises or in the cloud via containers, Virtual Machines and Bare Metal
How does TITAN.IUM simplify your deployments?

The NetNumber SCP supports a wide array of use cases, including:

  • Offloads Network Function (NF) discovery and selection
  • 5G signaling entry point
  • NF cluster load balancer
  • Supports live and test network segregation
  • Part of the TITAN.IUM InterGENerational signaling solution
  • Centralized TDR monitoring point
  • Overload handling
SCP Use Cases

TITAN.IUM drastically reduces the touchpoints in your architecture. It is truly one system, not just from a user interface standpoint, but under the covers as well. TITAN.IUM deploys and operates all of its Subscriber Data Management, Global Data Management, Signaling/Routing and Security applications for 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G, a single Management System, a common Analytics engine and an identical set of Application Programmable Interfaces (API). Furthermore, TITAN.IUM’s unique data management architectures reduces routing errors, increases security, streamlines data integration and data sharing between NFs, support systems and management platforms.