According to the latest Gartner research on the progress CSPs are making to implement network function virtualization (NFV) and software-defined network (SDN) solutions as part of their network transformation efforts, the onboarding of virtual network functions (VNFs) will be a top priority for nearly all CSPs implementing NFV.

NetNumber has been virtualizing network functions long before "NFV" became the topic it is today. Recognizing there are several approaches to NFV and SDN, and the technology will continue to evolve, NetNumber is working with multiple solution vendors to ensure interoperability of our TITAN platform and virtualized applications with any virtual environment our CSP customers may require. Our strategy is to implement the TITAN platform in several environments to provide the greatest level of flexibility.

Last week, we announced the integration of the NetNumber TITAN platform with the Cloudify cloud-native orchestration platform.

NetNumber is working with Cloudify to ensure the TITAN platform and virtualized applications can be rapidly deployed in any virtualized environment at minimal effort and zero manual interactions. This integration provides a huge step forward for our customers in their path to virtualization.

Today NetNumber VNFs are being tested in more than 40 labs worldwide, and we’ve supported more than a dozen successful production deployments.

Share your perspective on how CSPs are progressing towards virtualization below. To learn more about the NetNumber TITAN platform contact

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