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5G Network Repository Function (NRF) Data sheet

The Network Repository Function (NRF) is one of the key functions of the 3GPP Service-Based Architecture (SBA) for 5G Core networks, acting as a central Services Discovery broker for all Network Functions (NFs) in the 5G Core. NF Service Producers advertise their capabilities by dynamically registering their NFProfiles with the NRF, which may then be Discovered by NF-Consumers seeking to use needed services.

NetNumber NRFs may be deployed as a distributed or hierarchical network of NRFs such that NFConsumer discovery requests are forwarded to the actual NRF holding matching NF-Producer Profile(s). Gateway-NRF functionality is also provided for service discovery in remote PLMN networks in support of Mobile 5G Roaming scenarios.

NetNumber’s NRF solution is built on NetNumber’s all new TITAN.IUM Cloud-Native InterGENerationalTM platform providing “deploy anywhere” flexibility & secure management.”