5G Security Edge Protection Proxy (TITAN.IUM SEPP) Data sheet

Mobile interconnect fraud is an expensive problem in the 2G/3G/4G world. In developing standards for 5G, 3GPP called for secure communications between home and visited 5G networks. The task of implementing that security was mandated to a new network element, the Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP).

The SEPP performs many critical functions to fulfill this mandate. Key among them are:

  • Act as a secure signaling relay between PLMNs
  • Provide a mutually authenticated secure communication path between networks
  • Act as a reverse proxy, providing a single point of access to all network functions
  • Provide inter-PLMN topology hiding
  • Provide traffic filtering, policing and overload protection

NetNumber’s SEPP is delivered on NetNumber’s TITAN.IUM cloud-native InterGENerational™ framework, providing “deploy anywhere” flexibility, effortless automated scaling and strong security.