Number Portability Trends: Access and Attributes

A Heavy Reading white paper produced for NetNumber: October 2021

Number portability (NP), which has been an established network service in many regions for more than a decade, continues to be rolled out in selective markets.

NP is considered a foundational network capability since it enables fixed and mobile subscribers to exercise their right to change from one communications service provider (CSP) to another without the need to take a disruptive “number change.” Although NP has been successfully implemented, it does alter how calls are routed and terminated. Thus, CSPs must remain vigilant and update network routing procedures to ensure calls are successfully completed.

Given the fluid and unpredictable nature of subscriber changes, some CSPs have chosen to simplify the implementation process. They are doing so by partnering with an NP service provider (SP) that maintains an up-to-date record of the numbers that have been “ported” from one CSP to another and routing information on how to terminate calls to these numbers.

To understand the state of NP service delivery, Heavy Reading jointly developed with NetNumber a custom survey designed to document preferred approaches to access NP routing data, NP SP selection attributes, and NP routing data implementation challenges. The survey focused on several strategic markets: Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific.

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