Implementing 5G Security

Priorities and Preferences - Heavy Reading

Today’s cycle of provisioning live 5G networks constitutes the first steps of building a new era of mobile communications infrastructure. The scope of change inherent with 5G network design and operation is profound and extends well beyond simply deploying a new radio access network (RAN) or core network. Unlike previous generations, 5G marks the first deployment of natively designed cloud-based network infrastructure that future generations of mobile technology will rely upon to support the challenging demands of new services targeting personal care, logistic services, automotive, and virtual reality gaming. The same is also true from a 5G security enforcement perspective. To flourish in this new operational model, communications service providers (CSPs) must commit to adopting new security strategies, deploying new products, and even developing new monetization models to fully address the new security wrinkles 5G presents. This white paper presents a subset of several key findings from the study that provide valuable security-related insight into investment priorities, architecture preferences, and control plane considerations. It also assesses the value of implementing advanced capabilities such as content inspection and automated security policy enforcement.

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