Real Time, Automated Data Provisioning and Nodal Learning Essential to Fight Signaling Attacks​

Real Time, Automated Data Provisioning and Nodal Learning Essential to Fight Signaling Attacks

The Industrialisation of Hacking – with the wide variety of connected mobile devices surrounding everyone in their daily lives, people have become increasingly susceptible to hackers interested in the signaling messages that transfer valuable and personal information over mobile networks. Consequently, mobile service providers face new decisions for securing their networks and protecting their infrastructures from cyber attacks. Additionally, there’s increased legislation mandating the protection of end user information (e.g., GDPR in Europe). In recent years global criminal organizations have succeeded to compromise mobile operator networks and accessed sensitive customer data via signaling protocol attacks over SS7 and Diameter for bank fraud and other criminal acts. For signaling security, comprehensive data sets and address learning techniques are especially needed for the protection of the mobile roaming traffic over SS7 and Diameter. Operators need real-time updated filtering data sets for automated provisioning to their signaling firewalls, also, by inspecting all signaling traffic, sophisticated nodal learning provides valueable insights about active signaling nodes and their role in the network. These unique complimentary security data capabilities will radically change operations and leverages the protection of signaling firewalls as its effectiveness depends on the accurate filtering of data. Better data immediately translates to fewer false-positives, less customer complaints, and less mitigation work for the operational staff.