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Director Business Development – Private LTE

Private LTE is a self-contained network based on 3GPP standards that can become an extension of and interoperate with satellite networks – offering superior coverage, capacity, and reliability. In addition to the following use cases that can be implemented today, Private LTE can also pave the way for 5G interoperability.


Community Broadband
Private LTE networks provide far reaching coverage and can easily enable remote, underserved communities to experience localized voice, video, messaging, presence, and local IP data connectivity. Satellite backhaul can extend that reach with Global IP voice and data connectivity to the rest of the world.


All of the components required for a private LTE network can be virtualized and hosted on a very small compute platform. Today entire LTE networks (including the RAN and satellite terminal) fits in a soldier backpack, delivering reliable, autonomous high speed voice and data for mission critical communications – all while on the move. Each Private LTE edge node functions as a completely autonomous network, that can be interconnected to other edge nodes or back to HQ over satellite as needed.


For ships at sea, satellite is the only option for connectivity back to the mainland. Whether it’s a cruise ship, merchant vessel, or naval defense ship, these floating cities can all benefit from the superior coverage and capacity that are inherent in Private LTE networks. With Private LTE, satellite operators have the ability to extend their offer beyond connectivity to/from the ship to include self-contained, high definition voice, video, and data networks on board.


Public Safety/Disaster Recovery
Satellite has long been relied upon to provide critical communications to the outside world in public safety and disaster recovery scenarios. Private LTE is a natural complement to VSAT in these instances because it provides a means to set up a local self-contained network as an extension of the satellite network, providing robust connectivity and reliability for public safety personnel to communicate locally, but also providing the ability to link back to the outside world over satellite as needed.


How It Works
NetNumbers’s Private LTE infrastructure is typically set up as a master data center at HQ with multiple edge nodes distributed geographically. Our award winning distributed architecture provides automated and wan-optimized subscriber data replication from the data center out to the edge nodes. Edge nodes are fully autonomous and can function as stand-alone private LTE networks with or without access to the master data center. The solution is fully scalable, supporting from 10’s to 100,000’s of subscribers. The entire solution can be virtualized and hosted on a very small compute platform.

The NetNumber Private LTE architecture can be easily implemented over satellite components both at the gateway and on satellite modems at the edge. The master data center can be set up at any enterprise HQ or satellite gateway. The edge nodes can be run on an embedded single board computer within (or adjacent to) a satellite modem.


Satellite and 5G
3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Project) has defined satellite as a vital component of the 5G standards to support the following: Service rollout in underserved areas, service continuity on mobile platforms, increased service availability everywhere, and network scalability – providing network connectivity at the edge. Satellite operators, integrators and telco providers are partnering today to address the seamless integration and interoperability requirements that need to be met for 5G.

Satellite Operators who deploy 3GPP standards today, with Private LTE, can be at the forefront of this evolution and help pave the way for an easier migration to 5G in the future.

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