Ensure Accurate Routing of Voice and Messaging Services, Reduce Cost and Prevent Fraud

Accurate and comprehensive data is a critical tool for carrier and enterprise networks:

  • Basis for essential global inter-carrier routing, roaming, voice and messaging
  • Powers fraud detection and prevention solutions for banks, financial services providers and retailers
  • Enables enterprise B2B and B2C communications platforms that use subscriber and data validation 

Data required for these functions can vary widely by CSP, by country of origin and country of destination, by data type, and by third-party source providing the data. Acquiring, normalizing and accessing this data can be a costly and resource-intensive drain on a CSP.

NetNumber Global Data Services (GDS) provides a single, cost effective source for authoritative global data covering telecom, enterprise and security markets. GDS data covers 200+ countries, 6,000+ service providers and 450,000 code-ranges.

Carrier ID
  • Enables CSPs to efficiently access accurate number and owner information on a global basis​, including countries with number portability and those not offering it today.
  • Converts country-specific routing IDs into a common format called an NNID so CSPs can  build and maintain routing tables more efficiently.​
  • Additional information like MCC/MNC simplify the number owner mapping process
  • Access to worldwide number portability data for 90+ countries and 900+ CSPs, OTT providers & networks. ​
Mobile Number Information Service (MNIS)
  • Enables CSPs and enterprises to determine the active / inactive status of telephone numbers
  • Returns telephone number information in real-time, making it possible to integrate the service into user validation and or fraud prevention business flows
    North American Toll-Free Routing
    • Enables CSPs to reduce cost and complexity of toll-free routing
    • Full copy of authoritative Somos toll-free routing database downloaded to onsite TITAN servers
    • Onsite implementation accelerates call-setup time and improves network resilience by eliminating wide-area network referral queries to access toll-free data
      North American Calling Name
      • Ultra low latency delivery with in-network data on TITAN platform eliminates the need to do CNAM referral queries for 80% of the traffic that are resolved locally.
      • Market leading coverage of North American telephone numbers that exceed traditional CNAM offerings
      • Full copy of First Orion CNAM database including hourly updates
      • Accelerates call-setup time and improves network resilience by eliminating wide-area network referral queries to access toll-free dat
      Override Services Registry
      • 2nd largest telecom registry in the world supporting 300+ routing entities, 140+ million subscriber numbers and 20 million updates/month
      • Shared industry database that enables identification of override services associated with a subscriber number
      • Identifies if an OTT/MVNO messaging service has been assigned to a given subscriber number so SMS and MMS messages can be routed effectively to both text-enabled fixed-line numbers (OTT) and mobile numbers allocated to a virtual (MVNO) operator
      Nuisance Calls Identification
      • Helps detect Caller ID spoofing that mitigates or eliminates potential costly fraud
      • Protects mobile and landline subscribers from robocalls
      • Six-minute refresh interval, helps prevent threats rather than just observing them after-the-fact
      • On-site implementation accelerates call-setup times saving time and money
        Signaling Security
        • Global Data Services enhances NetNumber’s Signaling Firewall improving the overall level of security
        • Smart Subscriber Check prevents GSMA Category 1 attacks by ensuring additional validation of ported telephone numbers
        • Smart Origin Check prevents GSMA Category 2 attacks by ensuring additional validation of the CgGT