Provide Secure and Scalable Services to Defined Subscriber Groups

Enterprise organizations from manufacturing to hospitals, and utilities to defense are looking for a compelling alternative to expensive commercial cellular services and unreliable and costly WiFi-based solutions. Private networks using LTE technology open the door to new wireless use cases that provide business transformation and can replace or augment existing wireless solutions.

NetNumber delivers a fully functional network designed for high capacity, high speed and high security capabilities in a small and scalable footprint.

Private LTE solution that has a low capex entry point and is simple to operate

  • All software components are 3GPP standards compliant
  • Flexible deployment supporting from one to thousands of edge locations, all sharing a highly efficient, real-time distributed subscriber database
  • Interoperable and future proof solution allows customers to choose VoLTE, VoWiFi, or SIP Digest—all on the same infrastructure, with a pathway to 5G

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As the market for private networks evolves so will the ecosystems that support it.  A recent survey from Heavy Reading delves into the opportunity for Communication Service Providers to play a role in this growing a segment and what value they can bring to the ecosystem.

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