Kim Gibbons, Chief Marketing Officer, NetNumber

Much has been written about the opportunity for carriers represented by the Internet of Things (IoT). With potentially 20-30 billion devices connecting to carrier networks by 2020, the IoT market is expected to result in increased revenue opportunities from new service offerings and partnerships and enhanced levels of customer experience.

However, these billions of devices will place unprecedented demands in terms of signaling on the carrier network.  And, carriers will need to ensure their networks processing IoT traffic are secure, especially when handing off traffic to other carriers.

Today’s carrier network is not architected to handle the signaling and security challenges resulting from IoT.

Carriers should consider a new type of signaling architecture that can address the impact of introducing billions of roaming and static devices, the subscriber behavior and bandwidth requirements, and new applications while also offering protection against new IoT-related security threats.

To learn how a new signaling architecture can help carriers overcome the signaling and security challenges of IoT, read our recent article in The CCA Voice or request a meeting below.

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