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For the past month, I have been blogging about the challenges IPX carriers face as they simplify their networks for the transition from legacy technologies like TDM and SS7 to new technologies driven by IP and LTE with the end goal of remaining competitive.  I’ve explored the topics of number portability, intelligent routing and interworking.  In my final post in this series, I share my thoughts on why an IPX network needs an extensible and flexible platform.

NetNumber has seen IPX customers achieve business advantages with the easy extensibility and flexibility of the NetNumber TITAN platform.

As I’ve described in prior blog posts, NetNumber TITAN is a multi-protocol signaling platform that supports 15+ well-defined signaling control, centralized routing and network database services on a common platform infrastructure. One signaling-control infrastructure, or system, that IPX carriers deploy once and then leverage by adding multiple Virtual Network Functions encompassing all signaling, routing, and database services.

How is TITAN extensible?  After introducing the first application on the TITAN platform, carriers can very easily add a second application and even more applications to the same platform. TITAN can be seen as common software platform where applications can be added via service chaining with similar ease as apps are added on smart phones. This is a unique precedence in the telecom world that is really appreciated by the customers of NetNumber.

Flexibility also is a unique capability of the NetNumber TITAN platform because the same structure is equally suited to support TIER1 deployments as well as to TIER2 and TIER3 networks. This flexibility is delivered partially via the NetNumber patented database that enables TITAN platform configurations ranging from 2 Edges (because of redundancy) to 100 Edges spread over disperse geographical locations and on customer demand.  The Edges can be grouped in distinct functional entities (e.g. IPX services versus IMS Core services) and/or per organisational unit (multi-tenant type of configurations).

NetNumber offers telecom carriers and operators a strategic paradigm shift in the signaling and control plane through delivery of the TITAN platform. IPX carriers have unique needs to cope with the growing complexities of routing and interworking in combination with the need for future operational efficiency. And the same TITAN platform also facilitates IPX carriers in their TDM to IP migration because the TITAN platform equally supports the signaling, routing and database services in the vanishing SS7/C7 domain as in the emerging SIP and Diameter domains. As a result NetNumber TITAN provides IPX carriers with the means and technologies they need for competitive advantage today and tomorrow.

I will be speaking at IPX Summit Asia in June.  If you are attending, I hope you’ll stop by and introduce yourself.  In the meantime, please share your perspective on IPX drivers below.

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