Cloud Native InterGENerational Platform & 5G

"For decades, the telco network has been monolithic and complex—but today, the industry is undergoing a dramatic shift in the transition to 5G and cloud-native infrastructure."

Steve Legge, COO NetNumber

In recent times, leading CSPs have begun redirecting their efforts toward adopting new capabilities to become more like cloud providers and accelerate their cloud-native journey. CSPs are, thus, increasingly using the proven methodologies employed by hyperscale cloud companies to cost-effectively scale their operating models.


Operators are on different stages of their journey

Since not all operators are ready for a native container solution, it is important that they are presented with diverse deployment options across hardware, software and virtualization. This is critical to many operators’ journeys, because environments will run in parallel and in many cases on the same embedded infrastructure, for the foreseeable future.

“Cloud-native software solutions put operators on the path to 5G Service Based Architecture, enabling them to leverage micro-services for faster upgrades, flexible service creation and easier interoperability testing.”

Cloud-native applications are not designed to run in traditional infrastructures. They require a higher degree of service discovery, programmability, automation, observability, robust network communications, security and openness. As more CSPs begin to scale out their operations, the need for tiered data architectures with data pipelines increases.  Data pipelines allow for lower latency, higher throughput, and real time information distribution in distributed systems, such as those functions found at the edge of the network. 

NetNumber TITAN.IUM – strategy aligned and future-ready

NetNumber is offering the industry’s first cloud-native platform designed to ensure interGENerational™ network performance – a cloud-native platform that addresses both the legacy and next-generation requirements of telecom networks.

“NetNumber has taken its innovative approach another step forward with a cloud-native platform that is backward compatible to protect the operators’ investment in their core infrastructure, while bringing 5G service and network interoperability to their legacy technologies.”

NetNumber TITAN.IUM is the next generation of widely deployed TITAN Multi-protocol Centralized Signaling and Routing Platform. It is an InterGENerational platform that aligns to CSP network and service evolution from 2G and 3G, through to 4G. It is also the home for NetNumber 5G applications and perfectly aligned for our customers’ journey’s to becoming cloud native.

“While vendors continue to innovate new technologies, legacy technologies have a longer life than expected as they continue to meet the needs of operators and their subscribers.”

The NetNumber TITAN.IUM platform is designed to reach the next evolution in performance and scale, making it ideal for 5G and Multi-Access Edge Compute architectures. It provides vertical and horizontal scale-out with low latency, coupled with a suite of data replication capabilities, that provide flexible architectural options which can evolve with the changing network over time. 

“I didn’t realize you were this far advanced in terms of this type of product – It’s clever too, when you think about it.  NetNumber can be successful in 5G based on your ability to manage 2G, 3G and 4G which I never thought could happen.” 

The TITAN.IUM platform includes a streamlined container-based design, orchestrated by Kubernetes.  This design enables fully automated lifecycle management, that allows operators to instantly install, provision, upgrade and auto-scale resources.  The TITAN.IUM data model is a secure, open access, solution that easily integrates into any operator environment, and the platform supports implementation as native containers, containers wrapped in a Virtual Machine (VM) or as a turnkey hardware/software solution.  

This combined open model, deploy implementation model and InterGENerational support makes TITAN.IUM easy to integrate with any operator’s network, reducing risk and accelerating time-to-production and service time-to-market. 

TITAN.IUM is the combination of a platform that has been developed and widely deployed over a number of years, combined with advancements in cloud-native technology and InterGENerational mobile protocol support including 5G, which allows NetNumber to provide an extended set of capabilities, functions and performance to our customers.

Leveraging cloud-native technology, such as containers and microservices, empowers NetNumber to not only extend our intergenerational ability to 5G, but also facilitate the use of vitally important analytics, to bring deeper insight into the masses of network and service data that is handled by the platform.

Listen to NetNumber COO Steve Legge talking about TITAN.IUM with TelecomTV

It’s time for a cloud-native transformation

The telecom industry is undergoing a dramatic shift in the transition to 5G. Physical infrastructure that had been the mainstay of the telecom industry is transitioning to an enterprise IT infrastructure that is distributed, cloud-based and enabled by orchestration and automation capabilities. Processes such as network monitoring, moving data around the network, and day-to-day network operations are all being impacted. Being able to scale sufficiently and rapidly is essential, as is working through a distributed architecture and providing full lifecycle management for current and future 5G requirements.


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