Digital Transformation for Global Telecoms​

Ensuring InterGENerational™ Network Performance with the industry’s first cloud-native CSP platform with concurrent support for 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G

Why Customers Choose NetNumber


NetNumber has experts with deep knowledge in signaling/routing, security, and subscriber database management.


Our industy-first platform brings together domain services, applications, security, and global data services.


We have the ability to seamlessly increase network efficiency using vertical and horizontal scaling.


Our world-class solutions have the power to help companies create new service offerings and accelerate time to ROI.


Enjoy significant savings in capex and opex, flexible deployment models, and investment protection.

In Our Customers’ Own Words

A Blueprint For
A Cloud Native Telco

HardenStance White Paper

Analyst firm HardenStance has published research on why a cloud-native platform is essential for telcos. Read the white paper and find out why cloud-native telecom is essential and how companies can get on board.

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