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Why Customers Choose NetNumber


NetNumber has experts with deep knowledge in signaling/routing, security, and subscriber database management.


Our industy-first platform brings together domain services, applications, security, and global data services.


We have the ability to seamlessly increase network efficiency using vertical and horizontal scaling.


Our world-class solutions have the power to help companies create new service offerings and accelerate time to ROI.


Enjoy significant savings in capex and opex, flexible deployment models, and investment protection.

Building out Effective
Private Networks
for the DoD, IC, and
US Public Sector Agencies

The effectiveness of building Private Networks that serve specific scenarios for our military and intelligence communities depends on finding the right vendors that can enable flexible secure communications combined with access to data sources.
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Number Portability Trends: Access and Attributes

A Heavy Reading white paper produced for NetNumber: October 2021

Number portability (NP), which has been an established network service in many regions for more than a decade, continues to be rolled out in selective markets.

NP is considered a foundational network capability since it enables fixed and mobile subscribers to exercise their right to change from one communications service provider (CSP) to another without the need to take a disruptive “number change.” Although NP has been successfully implemented, it does alter how calls are routed and terminated. Thus, CSPs must remain vigilant and update network routing procedures to ensure calls are successfully completed.

In Our Customers’ Own Words