Guaranteed Caller for STIR/SHAKEN

U.S. consumers receive over 200,000 unwanted calls per minute—and nearly half are illegal scams, which cost consumers more than $10.5B. As a result, trust in the public telephone network has declined to the point where nearly 90% of consumers decline calls from unknown numbers or caller IDs.

In STIR/SHAKEN, IETF and ATIS have together defined a set of technologies that enable easy separation of trusted calls from untrusted calls. However, implementing STIR/SHAKEN can be anything but easy. As we have seen, STIR/SHAKEN can be complex and costly to implement. The journey from present state to full STIR/SHAKEN compliance be long and complex…or it can be simple.

NetNumber has created Guaranteed Caller™, a family of standards compliant STIR/SHAKEN solutions designed with one overriding objective in mind—easing and accelerating the journey to full STIR/SHAKEN

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