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LOWELL, Mass. — Sept. 7, 2016 — NetNumber released version 2.0 of its Override Services Registry (OSR) with several new features requested by messaging service providers in North America. NetNumber has been operating the OSR for the industry since 2008, and it is essential for accurate routing of messaging services in North America. The registry is part of NetNumber’s Global Data Services (GDS), a cloud-service that utilizes the NetNumber TITAN platform to deliver multiple data services such as global Carrier-ID lookup services.

The OSR database is a core component of the message routing infrastructure in North America along with the NPAC (Number Portability Administration Center) portability database and the LERG (Local Exchange Routing Guide) number-block assignment database. It is known as an "override registry" as it enables an individual subscriber to receive messaging services from a different provider than voice services. Override messaging services have grown in North America to represent a significant portion of the entire subscriber base. Today, the OSR is used to identify override message routing services for 95 million individual subscribers with almost 5 million updates process each month.

"There are a handful of databases on which our communication infrastructure depends – OSR is one of these," stated Jennifer Clark, vice president, Network Research for 451 Research. "It is seldom talked about and invisible to the consumer but essential to the frictionless operation of our message system. The perpetual goals of the industry are to make these databases more transparent to both the end user and the service provider and to compress change implementation intervals and database updates. NetNumber’s OSR 2.0 platform attempts to accomplish both of these goals."

NetNumber OSR 2.0 platform provides several new features to the industry including a real-time RESTful/HTTP provisioning interface along with a real-time change notification service. Real-time provisioning and change notification will enable the industry to activate messaging services
on-demand and quickly identify subscriber specific routing changes that may affect existing services.

"The OSR is used by the industry to identify over 250 different messaging service provider routes that are only identified to the industry via the OSR database," says Douglas Ranalli, founder and chief strategy officer at NetNumber. "The NetNumber team is working steadily to add new
features to the OSR to help stimulate even faster innovation in the North American messaging ecosystem."

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