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LOWELL, Mass.— Mar. 27, 2018 — NetNumber today announced its partnership with Somos, Inc., the provider of trusted, neutral Toll-Free numbering and registry administration services for the telecommunications industry for more than 20 years. As the first Somos Authorized Distributor for RouteLink®, NetNumber will bring Toll-Free routing data to the market in a new and more affordable way.

NetNumber Global Data Services enable operators to eliminate cost, reduce complexity, improve reliability and future-proof Toll-Free routing capabilities through the delivery of NetNumber’s onsite TITAN Centralized Signaling and Routing Control (CSRC) platform, helping communication service providers reduce both the cost and complexity of the routing process. TITAN, the industry’s most robust CSRC platform, provides a common, software-based infrastructure for all signaling control, routing policy enforcement and subscriber database services in the network.

With this partnership, NetNumber has incorporated RouteLink®, a Somos service that provides direct access to authoritative Toll-Free routing data for network operators, with its offering of registries and services over the TITAN platform.

“Network operators require high-quality, accurate industry data to make informed and cost-effective rating, routing, billing and scam/nuisance call detection decisions,” explained Steve Legge, General Manager, NetNumber Global Data Services. “NetNumber has been at the forefront of enabling operators to deliver new services with a highly accurate, comprehensive range of data sources. By partnering with Somos, NetNumber now provides critical toll-free routing data. NetNumber continues to provide the industry’s most complete data sets operators need to operate efficiently and effectively, and to save money.”

TITAN users can now download a full copy of Somos’ authoritative routing data, sourced from the SMS/800 Toll-Free Number (TFN) Registry. This information is locally stored, analyzed and processed on the TITAN platform based on each customer’s business rules, providing the fastest and most efficient possible route for the delivery of a Toll-Free call. Onsite implementation also reduces the financial cost of referral queries. Users can now leverage local Toll-Free routing data for each query, relieving the monetary burden of querying external routing services for each call.

“This partnership extends our reach to a broader set of network operators who are already realizing the benefits of TITAN,” said Ryan Karnas, Director, Product Management at Somos. “RouteLink® adds more value to NetNumber customers, who now have access to authoritative Toll-Free routing data and the ability to store it locally.”

About NetNumber
NetNumber, Inc. brings more than 17 years of experience delivering innovative signaling control solutions that enable carriers to accelerate implementation of new services across multiple generations of networks, while dramatically simplifying the core network and reducing operating costs. Today, NetNumber is the leading provider of Centralized Signaling and Routing Control (CSRC) solutions to the global communications industry. Signaling-control applications supported on the TITAN CSRC platform include: STP, DSC, HSS, HLR, CRE/BGCF, I/S-CSCF, ENUM/DNS, Number-Portability, Ut-Proxy, GAA, AuC, SDM and PCRF. Visit www.netnumber.com for more information. Connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook.

About Somos, Inc.
Somos, a leading provider of trusted, neutral numbering and registry administration services for the telecommunications industry, enables data access and integrity to fuel innovation and growth in Toll-Free and related markets. Somos operates the SMS/800 Toll-Free Number (TFN) Registry to administer, maintain, and distribute routing data for the 41 Million and growing Toll-Free Numbers in use today. This service includes the Texting & Smart Services (TSS) Registry, the centralized registry to administer the use of Toll-Free Numbers for text messaging and multimedia services. To learn more about Somos, please visit www.somos.com. Connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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