5G Binding Support Function (BSF)

NetNumber Integrated Binding Support Function (BSF)

The Binding Support Function (BSF) is one of the key functions of the 3GPP Service-Based Architecture (SBA) for 5G Core networks. It enables other Network Functions (NFs), for example an IMS Call State Control Function (CSCF) or Network Exposure Functions (NEF), to determine which Policy Control Function (PCF) is holding needed Policy & Accounting information for each active Mobile device Data Session.

NetNumber’s BSF also provides Diameter Gateway functionality used to interwork 4G Diameter requests in order to retrieve the PCF Diameter host used in support of dual-binding & 4G / 5G handover cases.

Feature Highlights

For two decades, NetNumber has been a leader in fixed and mobile signaling, routing and security. Key 5G BSF capabilities include:

  • PCF Binding Register, Deregister and Update
  • PCF Binding Discovery
  • 4G Binding Diameter Gateway
  • High Performance HTTP/2 Signaling Stack
  • Multi-Service & Multi-Slice Support
  • Programmable Dissector-based Rules Engine
  • Overload Protection
  • Rich Monitoring & Observability framework (Tracing, KPIs & TDRs)
  • Interworking & Message Transformation (optional)
  • NetNumber TITAN.IUM Traffic Analytics (optional)

Key 5G SCP benefits include:

  • Key function of the 5G Core service-based signaling network providing secure mapping of mobile device data session usage to associated policy control.
  • Provides interworking to corresponding Diameter-based 4G DRA binding functions supporting dual-binding & handover cases.
  • Incorporates powerful award-winning Dissector-based Rules Engine enabling flexible customer programmability.
  • Part of the TITAN.IUM, InterGENerationalTM Cloud-Native Ecosystem that interworks with HTTP2, Diameter, SS7 & SIP signaling.
  • “Deploy anywhere” installation on premises or in the cloud via Containers, Virtual Machines or Bare Metal.

For further information, please refer to the 5G Binding Support Function (BSF) Product Data Sheet.