5G Network Repository Function (NRF)

NetNumber Integrated Network Repository Function (NRF)

The Network Repository Function (NRF) is one of the key functions of the 3GPP Service-Based Architecture (SBA) for 5G Core networks, acting as a central Services Discovery broker for all Network Functions (NFs) in the 5G Core.  NF Service Producers advertise their capabilities by dynamically registering their NF-Profiles with the NRF, which may then be Discovered by NF-Consumers seeking to use needed services. 

NetNumber NRFs may be deployed as a distributed or hierarchical network of NRFs such that NF-Consumer discovery requests are forwarded to the actual NRF holding matching NF-Producer Profile(s).  Gateway-NRF functionality is also provided for service discovery in remote PLMN networks in support of Mobile 5G Roaming scenarios. 

Feature Highlights
For two decades, NetNumber has been a leader in fixed and mobile signaling, routing and security. Key 5G NRF capabilities include:
  • NF-Profile Registration & Discovery
  • NF-Profile Subscription & Notification
  • Hierarchical / Regional NRF Organization
  • Inter-PLMN Gateway-NRF Roaming Support
  • 5G Consumer-Producer OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server
  • NF Bootstrapping Service
  • Overload Protection
  • Multi-Service & Multi-Slice Support
  • Programmable Dissector-based Rules Engine
  • Rich Monitoring & Observability framework (Tracing, KPIs & TDRs)
  • Interworking & Message Transformation (optional)
  • NetNumber TITAN.IUM Traffic Analytics (optional)

Key 5G NRF benefits include:

  • Key function of the 5G Core, service-based signaling network, provides secure Registration & Discovery of network services via their published Profiles.
  • Supports Mobile 5G Roaming with Inter-PLMN Service Gateway discovery, forwarding & notification functions.
  • Incorporates powerful award-winning Dissector-based Rules Engine enabling flexible customer programmability.
  • Part of the TITAN.IUM InterGENerationalTM Cloud-Native Framework interworking HTTP2, DIAMETER, SIP & SS7 signaling.
  • “Deploy anywhere” installation on premises or in the cloud via Containers, Virtual Machines or Bare Metal.

For further information, please refer to the 5G Network Repository Function (NRF) Product Data Sheet.