NetNumber Integrated NP-Enabled ENUM/DNS

NetNumber combines ENUM with DNS services (ENUM/DNS) in the TITAN.IUM Container-Native Framework to provide a highly scalable, low latency ENUM mapping solution that meets fixed and mobile network needs in addition to those of commercial and/or enterprise solutions such as private LTE and public safety networks. TITAN.IUM ENUM/DNS also provides for Number Portability (NP) interworking allowing for always up-to-date low-cost routing, saving operator termination costs.

NetNumber’s ENUM/DNS is standards compliant, adhering to all of the relevant IETF RFCs for carrier ENUM/DNS services. In addition, it supports the ENUM/DNS interworking solution specified in GSMA IR.76 and NG.105. NetNumber ENUM/DSN flexibly supports multiple different deployment scenarios including support of Split-Horizon, which can provide different ENUM/DNS results for the same domain in response to queries from different sources. ENUM/DNS also supports Zone sharing and zone chaining, providing maximum in flexibility, power and control.

Feature Highlights

For two decades, NetNumber has been a leader in fixed and mobile signaling, routing and security. Key TITAN.IUM ENUM/DNS capabilities include:

  • Flexible Per-Subnet Client Handling
  • ENUM Per-Request Screening & Referral Queries
  • 3GPP Standard IMS ENUM Support
  • Multi-Service Carrier ENUM (VoLTE, Vo5GNR, RCS)
  • NAPTR Regular Expressions & Replacement URIs
  • Number Portability Continuous Update
  • Number Translation Functionality
  • Hierarchical Zone-Enabled DNS Server
  • Overload Protection
  • Programmable Dissector-based Rules Engine
  • Rich Monitoring & Observability framework (Tracing, KPIs & TDRs)
  • NetNumber TITAN.IUM Traffic Analytics (optional)

Key TITAN.IUM ENUM/DNS benefits include:

  • ENUM and Number Portability (NP) interworking allowing for accurate low-cost routing, saving operator termination costs.
  • Standards-based solution ensures vendor/product interoperability.
  • Interaction with NetNumber GDS service provides accurate routing data for 93 countries. Centralized data provisioning ensures data consistency.
  • Incorporates powerful award-winning Dissector-based Rules Engine enabling flexible customer programmability.
  • Part of the TITAN.IUM InterGENerationalTM Cloud-Native Framework interworking HTTP2, DIAMETER, SIP & SS7 signaling.
  • “Deploy anywhere” installation on premises or in the cloud via Containers, Virtual Machines or Bare Metal.

For further information, please refer to the ENUM-DNS Performance Number Mapping Services Product Data Sheet.