TITAN.IUM Ut-Proxy Subscriber Self-Administration

NetNumber Integrated Ut-Proxy Subscriber Self-Administration

The NetNumber Ut-Proxy is a next-generation Subscriber Self Administration (SSA) solution that is part of the NetNumber TITAN.IUM Container-Native Framework architecture. To authenticate Ut messages, Ut-Proxy is deployed to take this authentication task for the AS, and the Generic Bootstrapping Authentication (GBA) is applied to avoid provisioning an additional shared secret between UE and network. As a result, the Ut messages can be authenticated in any access network with the existing shared secret between the UE and operator. This is also applicable for authentication of any HTTP-based traffic, e.g. in IoT deployments, as long as the IoT devices can support GBA-based authentication. For devices not supporting GBA based authentication, NetNumber Ut-Proxy can also use native HTTP Digest defined in RFC2617 to authenticate the devices.

NetNumber Ut-Proxy consists of the two functional blocks of the GBA solution: the Bootstrapping Server Function (BSF) and the Authentication Proxy (AP) acting as a combination of a Network Application Function (NAF) and reverse HTTP proxy. One or both functions can be simultaneously activated in the same TITAN Edge. BSF is deployed in the home PLMN and utilizes the Home Subscriber Server (HSS) as a subscriber profile repository (HSS only) and authentication center (AuC). The AP is optimized for the routing of Ut/XCAP requests from the UE towards the IMS application servers and can be deployed in the home or visited PLMN.

Feature Highlights

For two decades, NetNumber has been a leader in fixed and mobile signaling, routing and security. Key TITAN.IUM Ut-Proxy capabilities include:

  • Ut-Proxy Initiation of UE Bootstrapping.
  • UE Digest AKA Authentication.
  • GBA User Security Settings (GUSS) Profile Download.
  • AP-specific User Security Settings (USS) Bootstrapping Usage.
  • Flexible IMS AS Server Routing Criteria. Programmable Dissector-based Rules Engine.
  • Rich Monitoring & Observability framework (Tracing, KPIs & TDRs). Interworking & Message Transformation (optional).
  • NetNumber TITAN.IUM Traffic Analytics (optional).

Key TITAN.IUM Ut-Proxy benefits include:

  • Increased Success Rate of SMS & Voice Calls.
  • Reduced Latency of SMS Delivery & Voice Call Setup.
  • Accurate Low-Cost Routing saves SMS & Voice Termination costs.
  • One contract, One connection & One unified data access format in all 90+ countries with number portability implemented.
  • Incorporates powerful award-winning Dissector-based Rules Engine enabling flexible customer programmability.
  • Part of the TITAN.IUM InterGENerationalTM Cloud-Native Framework interworking HTTP2, DIAMETER, SIP & SS7 signaling.
  • “Deploy anywhere” installation on premises or in the cloud via Containers, Virtual Machines or Bare Metal.

For further information, please refer to the TITAN.IUM Ut-Proxy Subscriber Self-Administration Product Data Sheet.