Guaranteed Caller Enterprise

The Challenge

American consumers receive over 200K unwanted and/or fraudulent calls every minute, many using spoofed caller IDs to increase the likelihood that the called party will answer the call. Both the FCC in the USA, through the TRACED Act and the CRTC in Canada, have mandated service provider implementation of the STIR/SHAKEN set of standards as a solution to the widespread use of CLI spoofing in fraudulent calls.

For Enterprises, it might be difficult to obtain A-level attestation because the Originating Service Provider doesn’t necessarily have all the information to offer such an attestation. Enterprises often purchase Telephone Numbers (TNs) from a source, then load-balance their outgoing calls over multiple voice service providers, hence the correlation of the TNs with the Enterprise is not always apparent. 

The NetNumber Solution

Guaranteed Caller™ is NetNumber’s family of STIR/SHAKEN solutions, providing proactive and IETF/ATIS compliant CLI validation solutions for all common calling scenarios.

Guaranteed Caller™ Enterprise is using authorization delegated from the Service Provider level to sign and verify calls from Enterprises to their service providers. Guaranteed Caller™ Enterprise allows service providers to monetize STIR/SHAKEN immediately. It includes Enterprise Onboarding/Vetting Service, Subordinate-CA Service, Delegate Certificate Management, RCD PASSPorT call signing and full resale/wholesale capability.

Key Features
  • Provides RCD PASSporT enterprise call signing services, supporting the elevation of enterprise calls from a “B” or “C” attestation to an “A” attestation. 
  • Supports both directly connected enterprise calls and indirect enterprise Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) and call center calls. 
  • Fully compliant with ATIS 1000092 Delegate Certificates and ATIS 1000094 RCD PASSporTs. 
  • Includes Delegate Certificate management and Subordinate CA services. 
  • Supports enterprise onboarding. 
  • Performs both enterprise vetting and enterprise TN validation, fully meeting FCC Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements
  • Supports the elevation of enterprise calls from “B” or “C” attestation to “A” attestation, leveling the playing field with consumer calls. 
  • Allows service providers to award an “A” attestation to calls from enterprise customers who have more than one service provider (for access redundancy), where the call CLID was not assigned by the service provider the call is being sent to. 
  • Increases answer rates for enterprise calls, providing a valuable service to enterprises. 
  • Provides an important revenue source for carriers wanting to offset the FCC mandated cost of STIR/SHAKEN compliance. 
  • Provides competitive differentiation. 
  • Includes full support for Rich Call Data (RCD), dramatically enhancing call presentation where network support of RCD is present.