Guaranteed Caller International

The Challenge

American consumers receive over 200K unwanted and/or fraudulent calls every minute, many using spoofed caller IDs to increase the likelihood that the called party will answer the call. Both the FCC in the USA, through the TRACED Act and the CRTC in Canada, have mandated service provider implementation of the STIR/SHAKEN set of standards as a solution to the widespread use of CLI spoofing in fraudulent calls.

For international carriers, it might be difficult to obtain A-level attestation because they are not part of the STIR/SHAKEN ecosystem in the United States or Canada. Their interconnect partner in the US or Canada often doesn’t have the knowledge of the CLI association with the international carrier’s subscriber to help with A-level attestation either.

The NetNumber Solution

Guaranteed Caller™ is NetNumber’s family of STIR/SHAKEN solutions, providing proactive and IETF/ATIS compliant CLI validation solutions for all common calling scenarios.

Guaranteed Caller™ International is using authorization delegated from the Service Provider level to sign and verify calls originating in a
service provider network outside the USA/Canada. Guaranteed Caller™ International provides global carriers with improved call answer rates while simultaneously providing an important competitive differentiator.

Key Features
  • Provides trusted call signing services for calls arriving to the United States from overseas, supporting the elevation of these calls from a “C” attestation to an “A” attestation. 
  • Multiple trust models are supported, including Delegate Certificates and per carrier-pair agreed root CA (NetNumber can fulfill this role). 
  • Highly nuanced call selection capability, allowing carriers to assign an “A” attestation to only those calls that they can say without hesitation deserve an “A”. All others can be treated with “B” or “C” per carrier provisioning. 
  • Supports the elevation of global calls from “C” attestation to “A” attestation, dramatically increasing answer rates. 
  • Increased call answer rates minimize impact to existing carrier call completion revenue. 
  • Provides an optional revenue source for carriers wanting to offset the FCC mandated cost of STIR/SHAKEN compliance.
  • Provides competitive differentiation in the highly competitive international termination market.  
  • Fully compliant with all FCC requirements for international call terminations to the United States. 
  • Can be deployed now on an incremental per partner basis without need to wait for agreed global standards to emerge for International STIR/SHAKEN.