Guaranteed Caller National

The Challenge

American consumers receive over 200K unwanted and/or fraudulent calls every minute, many using spoofed caller IDs to increase the likelihood that the called party will answer the call. Both the FCC in the USA, through the TRACED Act and the CRTC in Canada, have mandated service provider implementation of the STIR/SHAKEN set of standards as a solution to the widespread use of CLI spoofing in fraudulent calls.

The NetNumber Solution

Guaranteed Caller™ is NetNumber’s family of STIR/SHAKEN solutions, providing proactive and IETF/ATIS compliant CLI validation solutions for all common calling scenarios.

Guaranteed Caller™ National administers the national level trust network required for the successful operation of STIR/SHAKEN within a country. It includes (1) an interface to the STI-PA and (2) the NetNumber’s STI-CA service.

Guaranteed Caller™ National provides a complete and standards-compliant implementation of the STI-CA function of the SHAKEN framework, SKAKEN Governance Model and Certificate Management. The STI-CA interacts with the operator level STIR/SHAKEN infrastructure to ensure that (1) only vetted and approved operators are authorized to sign calls and (2) their calls are signed exclusively with certificates that have been issued by an STI-PA approved STI-CA. Specifically, the STI-CA registers STI-PA authorized service provider SP-KMS nodes upon request, provides an RFC 8555 ACME interface over which those nodes can request signed STI certificates and issues signed STI certificates to those nodes upon request.

Key Features

IETF/ATIS Compliant
The Guaranteed Caller™ family is fully compliant with all relevant IETF/ATIS standards for STIR/SHAKEN.

FIPS 140-2 Level 1, Level 2 Compliant
All key-related elements of Guaranteed Caller™ are FIPS 140-2 Level 1 compliant. Level 2 compliance is an available option.

Fully Cloud Native, Containerized Implementation
Guaranteed Caller™ is fully cloud native and containerized, providing effectively unlimited capacity via a highly elastic dynamic scaling capability.

  • Fully comply with FCC and CRTC mandates for STIR/SHAKEN
  • Increase customer satisfaction by ending fraudulent CLI spoofing
  • Minimize spend to implement STIR/SHAKEN in the network
  • Minimize network impact from STIR/SHAKEN compliance
  • Control CAPEX expenditure necessary to comply