The NetNumber Analytics platform helps operators to address the challenges they have in their networks while ensuring end-to-end network visibility, increasing efficiency and putting them closer to achieving closed-loop automation for their workflows based on structured and unstructured data. Based on Elastic stack ™ Analytics’ is tailored for the needs of most of the modern telco operators while combining variety of capabilities that allows us to:

  • Quickly build new services and implement use cases
  • Combine multiple data sources
  • Enrich data to provide better customer experience
  • Adapt to data formats.

NetNumber’s Analytics is already in operation and in use for advanced reporting and analytical use cases with tailor made programming flexibility. Integration already took place with various applications for data insourcing next to real-time provisioning of routing, security and fraud call control actions.

The NetNumber Solution

NetNumber’s Analytics solution provides different techniques and features so that it augments the experience for carriers and helps them better understand their networks and how to manage the traffic flows in a more secured and less vulnerable way.

At the same time, the platform is telco standards agnostic thus it won’t only deliver use cases on top of 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks, but also would allow combining data from different sources such as CRM systems.

NetNumber Analytics also integrates with the company’s industry leading Global Data Services. 

The Benefits

  • Increases the transparency and insights of the network traffic
  • Helps combat the threats with intelligence and analytics at scale while streamlining the investigation of the reported issues
  • Provides advances analysis and predictions to help preventing upcoming harmful events
  • Smart suggestions and recommendations for firewall rules application to close security holes and tackle vulnerabilities in the network

The Audience

NetNumber’s Analytics contributes to the day-to-day activities of the following target groups.


Typically interested in real time data analysis for decisions making, traffic tracing, report generations and network elements effectiveness and correct operations


Analytical data and trending are main areas of exploration for the security experts as well security rules enforcement. Will be interested in Firewall statistics and insights on fraud and security breaches


Analytical data and trending are main areas of exploration for the security experts as well security rules enforcement. Will be interested in Firewall statistics and insights on fraud and security breaches


Will use the operational data and trend reports produced for taking the right business decisions. Focus is on the clear view of the bespoken problem

Key Features

Enhanced Roaming Reporting and Analysis

Firewall customers are missing advanced insights on their Roaming traffic, and this might be crucial in understanding some of the threads or vulnerabilities that roaming traffic could bring. Analytics provides insights on:

  • Per operator and network traffic
  • Network Quality of Services
  • Subscriber velocity
  • Error overview across signaling

Firewall Activity and Traffic Enforcement Analytics

While firewall is the engine that will prevent vulnerabilities and threats from affecting customer networks, it is important t provide further information on how efficient the firewall is and if there are areas of improvements. The Analytics solution will provide:

  • Insights on Signaling Firewall activity and actions
  • Visual traffic comparison between now and past
  • Access list statements, categories hit ration and overview

Security Threat, Vulnerability and Fraud Detection Analytics

The signaling networks, even though designed to be less vulnerable, can still be affected by different threats. Some of these threats are not based on clear patters and might be defined by GSMA, thus they might be detected and studied first before any enforcement is applied. Analytics can help with:

  • Suspicious traffic and threat case management
  • IMSI, GT Tracking, Dialogue analysis
  • PCAP based traffic analysis to replay network traffic

Customizations and reporting

The solution provides customization and reporting capabilities to suit all customer needs in:

  • Organizing the data views in custom dashboards out of the standard ones provided
  • Creating manual or automated reports leveraging the multiple out of the box supported channels such as E-mail, Slack, JIRA, Webhooks