The Challenge

Mobile phone numbers have long become a part of our identity. At the same time, many online and mobile services are delivering one-time passwords over SMS for the purpose of account registration or two-factor authentication. This has created opportunities for fraudsters who are exploiting insufficiently secured services for their own gain.

A common scenario happens when fraudsters exploit weak processes and port a phone number in order to receive the SMS or Text-To-Speech One-Time Passwords of the real owner and then use this information to take over their online accounts.

The NetNumber Solution

NetNumber’s NumeriView provides an efficient mechanism to determine if a phone number has been ported from one service provider to another or if it has been ported between service types (fixed to mobile). This information can be used to help prevent fraud.

Banks and credit card companies have learned that recent porting activity is a significant indicator for potentially fraudulent transactions. With NumeriView, this signal can be evaluated in the overall risk assessment process.

Not only financial institutions benefit from this information. Any web or mobile service can enhance its account verification and two-factor authentication processes by flagging new user account requests and password recovery attempts as potentially fraudulent when a freshly ported phone number is involved.

NumeriView helps customers enhance reduce fraud by flagging the recently ported phone numbers

Key Features

Global Coverage
NetNumber is the one-stop shop for number portability data, covering all 90+ countries where number portability is implemented.

Fresh Porting Data
NetNumber is one of the largest vendors of number portability data worldwide and therefore has access to a tremendous amount of the most recent porting info.

Risk Scoring
The porting pattern of a phone number can be incorporated as an additional signal in order to enhance risk scoring metrics.

Normalized Routing ID
We normalize the data in each country and return it in a common format identifying each operator by its unique NNID.

Global Carrier Mapping Registry (GCMR)
NumeriView customers get free access to the Global Carrier Mapping Registry (GCMR) database. The GCMR is the world’s most widely utilized carrier identification database. The GCMR identifies every communications service provider in the world (over 200 countries) via a six-digit routing ID called an NNID. The GCMR provides the translation of the NNID into key information about the destination operator.

90-day History
Maximizes its effectiveness by flagging porting events which had taken place during the previous 90 calendar days

Fully Redundant – Managed Service
We operate a fully redundant service which we manage 24×7. This ensures carrier-grade service availability and performance.

Use Cases

Bank Transfer Verification

Multiple banks rely on SMS One-Time Passwords as a way to validate financial transactions like bank transfers. When bank customers attempt to transfer money to another account, they receive a code on their mobile device. This code has to be typed into the banking application to confirm the transaction. Some operators with weaker porting processes are targeted and phone numbers are taken over by fraudsters. With the phone number in their possession and the banking application credentials phished, they can quickly empty the bank account of the victim with several bank transfers. Banks can prevent such fraud by checking if the phone number receiving the One-Time Password has been ported. If so, additional verification steps can be taken, for example the bank transfers can be declined, and the bank account owner can be called to determine their intentions.

  • Enhances the new user account creation process
  • Reduces the risk of account takeover
  • Helps prevent fraudulent financial transactions