Override Service Registry (OSR)

The Challenge

The telecom ecosystem in North America is complex. A multitude of MNOs and MVNOs offer mobile services to their customers. Many telecom providers and cable companies offer landline numbers. The landline numbers can be enabled for texting, which is a convenient service for business who want to better connect with their customers. In addition, a vast number of innovative OTT services have gained popularity and complement the suite of communication services available. This choice is great for consumers but complex when message routing needs to be set up.

The NetNumber Solution

The Override Services Registry (OSR) is a shared industry database that enables identification of override services associated with a subscriber number. NetNumber launched the OSR in 2008 to support a single Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in North America.  This MVNO wanted to enable an override messaging service for their subscribers that would be managed separately from their underlying voice services. From this simple beginning, the OSR enabled a new OTT/MVNO messaging ecosystem to emerge in North America.  By 2021 the OSR had grown into the world’s second largest telecom registry with 190M+ subscriber numbers, and 20M updates/month. Today, accurate message routing is impossible in North America without the OSR registry.

The OSR is used today by the North American messaging ecosystem to identify if an OTT/MVNO messaging service has been assigned to a given subscriber number so that SMS and MMS messages can be routed effectively to both text-enabled fixed-line numbers (OTT) and mobile numbers allocated to a virtual (MVNO) operator. The OSR is defined as an “override registry” because it provides routing information that overrides the routing instructions published in country specific code-range and number-portability databases that can’t support service specific routing.

With the introduction of 10 Digit Long Codes (10DLC), the OSR plays a vital role for Application-to-Person (A2P) text messaging in the United States. In order to be recognized in the industry as 10DLC, telephone numbers used to originate A2P messaging need to be tagged appropriately. Each messaging campaign which is registered with carriers gets a unique Campaign ID, which is then associated with the respective 10DLC. NetNumber provides the tagging service for A2P telephone numbers and distributes this data to carriers and messaging hubs.

OSR enables accurate SMS and MMS routing to subscribers in North America

Key Features

Authoritative Routing Registry
The OSR is the most comprehensive and the authoritative routing registry in North America. With over 180M  telephone numbers, the OSR provides the only accurate routing information that is required to terminate SMS and MMS to text-enabled landline numbers and MVNOs.


Normalized Routing ID

NetNumber normalizes the data for each service provider and returns it in a common format identifying each operator by its unique NNID.

Global Carrier Mapping Registry (GCMR)
OSR customers get free access to the Global Carrier Mapping Registry (GCMR) database. The GCMR is the world’s most widely utilized carrier identification database. The GCMR identifies every CSP in the world (over 200 countries) via a six-digit routing ID called an NNID. The GCMR provides the translation of the NNID into key information about the destination operator.

Robust Provisioning API
The OSR REST API enables fast service integration and ease of use. In addition, it incorporates a rich set of authorization, conflict resolution and notification features, which guarantee the OSR’s accuracy and protecting subscribers and CSPs.

Lightning-Fast Service
With the OSR stored in the NetNumber data centers, close to the customers’ location in AWS or on customer’s premises, the service is capable of some of the fastest response times in the industry.

Fully Redundant – Managed Service
NetNumber operates a fully redundant service which is managed and staffed 24×7. This ensures that you will receive carrier-grade service, availability and performance.

Use Cases

Message Routing

NetNumber enables multiple CPaaS providers and messaging hubs to route their SMS and MMS traffic accurately and cost-effectively to North American phone numbers. These telecom companies access the data directly from the NetNumber cloud, via an AWS deployment or as an onsite service. The Override Service Registry helps identify those telephone numbers with special message routing properties. This information feeds the routing engine and helps select the best route to use for each message. 

  • Enables accurate messaging routing in North America
  • Is fast to integrate and easy to use due to a robust REST API for provisioning
  • Guarantees accuracy and protects subscribers and service providers based on a rich set of authorization, conflict resolution and notification features
  • Supports A2P messaging on long codes in the United States, also known as A2P 10DLC