Private Networks

Unlike mobile network core software designed for large-scale, commercial mobile network operators, NetNumber’s NetCore is specifically designed to be compact and easily deployable, mobile network core software for private 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G licensed and shared cellular spectrum networks for use by enterprises, governments and defense and emergency response organizations. Focused on reducing the operational complexity of intelligent mobile network cores, NetCore’s simply designed, web management interface allows private network owners to intuitively perform tasks to operate their mobile network and easily manage a formerly complex set of parameters as well as design custom applications through NetCore’s powerful API.

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InterGENerational Mobile Network Core

Mobile network core software supporting 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G private cellular networks

Flexible Software

Rapidly deployable, highly portable and easily scalable to meet capacity needs with powerful APIs for maximum programmability

Easily Managed

Simple, intuitively designed management interface for all field situations

Compact by Design

Easily deployed on any hardware capable of supporting Linux for briefcase, backpack or vehicle on the move

Flexible Deployment

Able to be hosted privately, on public cloud or a hybrid of each, natively on Linux or virtualized

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Explore how our private network solutions can work in your environment.
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Secure Private Networks

NetNumber’s NetCore private networks mobile core software is designed to make mobile networks easy with an intuitive, web-based interface and a highly portable form factor — easily scaling up from a small initial footprint, while providing a feature rich API allowing powerful customization for unique use cases. NetCore may be deployed temporarily or permanently, portable or rack mounted in support of integrated, supplemental, or ad hoc wireless connectivity.


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