Private Networks

Private Networks

Private Networks connect people and / or things belonging to an enterprise or within a small- to medium-sized geographic area where either traditional network technologies are uneconomic to deploy, or data needs to be kept secure by avoiding sending it through the core network of a mobile operator. Private Networks free users from the restrictions of conventional connectivity technologies such as Ethernet, which is secure and reliable but high cost and inflexible, and Wi-Fi, which offers low cost but also lower reliability.

NetNumber Private Networks provide secure and scalable services to defined subscriber groups through our SiRRAN Private Networks Solution.

SiRRAN Private Networks Solution

Private Networks: Less Latency, More Speed and Efficiency
A decentralized Private Network model uses multiple nodes at the network edge; each of which includes the MME, PGW and SGW components (and may also include decentralized HSS, PCRF, IMS components) to allow devices attached to eNodeBs on that node, to communicate with minimal latency.


A Reduced-Footprint EPC
The SiRRAN NetCore Software is designed as a reduced-footprint EPC, which is ideally suited for use in a decentralized network model; using a virtualized, edge of network installation of the MME, SGW and PGW components that integrates with a local HSS, PCRF and IMS platform. The NetCore LTE API also facilitates remote configuration and monitoring of the EPC components, from a centralized management function.


Mobile Network Operator Integration
The solution offers both light touch and full integration into a Mobile Network Operators infrastructure which enable both a strategic approach and also rapid deployment as required.

How it Works

The SiRRAN Private Networks solution offers both light touch and full integration into a Mobile Network Operators infrastructure.

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