Signaling Security & Fraud Control

Security and Fraud are a bigger problem than ever for operators.  In addition to lost revenue, they face loss of customer confidence and satisfaction.   Among the costliest telecom frauds are call termination fees, call-back scams, and PBX hacking fraud.

NetNumber provides an extensive set of proven and award-winning Signaling Security and Fraud solutions on the TITAN platform.

Signaling security is a critical concern for operators as SS7 and Diameter networks can be manipulated for banking fraud, authentication theft, location tracking, eavesdropping, DOS attacks, etc. As SS7/Diameter enable international roaming and emerging IoT, operators must proactively protect their signaling networks and subscribers. 

Multi-Protocol Signaling Firewall Application

  • Protects against all threats in GSMA’s FS.11 (SS7) and FS.19 (Diameter)
  • Provides a fully configurable environment to address future attack vectors.
  • Includes comprehensive and fully integrated Data Reporting facilities
  • NetNumber CRE includes anti-spoofing routing control logic so operators can protect subscribers against spoofed calls and SMS messages.
  • Fraudulent Call Blocking enables users to customize blocking and management features for their protection against fraudulent and scam calls.

Industry Leadership

NetNumber has been working in the GSMA Fraud and Security Group (FASG) to define the set of industry requirements for the SS7 firewall and the Diameter firewall, as well as new 5G security standards.  Most recently, NetNumber was elected Chair of the FASG Roaming and Interconnect Fraud and Security (RIFS) subgroup, the Diameter End to End subgroup (DESS) and delivers contributions to the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) and the i3forum.