Simplify Complex Multi-Generation and Multi-Silo Networks

Protocol evolutions from SS7 to Diameter and beyond bring same challenges:​

  • Central Provisioning & Consolidation
  • Routing Intelligence
  • Congestion Management
  • Security

NetNumber solves these challenges with the TITAN platform:

  • The TITAN platform is one system for signaling control for voice, messaging and data services​
  • Reduces network complexity​
  • Provides future-proof solutions​
  • Delivers carrier-grade Infrastructure for multi-protocol and virtualized environments​

Key Signaling and Routing solutions on TITAN platform:​

NetNumber STP

  • Cost-effective​
  • Multi-layer routing​
  • Support of multiple network instances and multiple STP instances​
  • Support Multiple Point Codes, Capability Point Codes​
  • Practically unlimited routing/translations rules​

NetNumber DSC

  • Cost-effective LTE roaming ​
  • Enhanced network security​
  • Support of multiple HSS domains​
  • Easier multi-vendor integration ​
  • Better network scalability & maintainability

NetNumber CRE

NetNumber Centralized Routing Engine (CRE) is a flexible solution using custom-defined service logic to implement customer-specific business requirements

5G Signaling Domain

NetNumber is building security, flexibility and performance  into 5G and all future generation networks