TITAN.IUM Integrated DevOps

TITAN.IUM Integrated DevOps – The Company Is The Platform

Whether you’ve already adopted DevOps practices, or are just beginning your transformation, TITAN.IUM Integrated DevOps will reduce your time to outcome and increase your teams‘ flexibility.

In practice, DevOps will look like many things. DevOps goals include validating and deploying infrastructure as code, building a flexible autoscaling, self-healing infrastructure made from renewable and reusable components, focusing vendors on what really matters “your deployments” and continuous improvement with each iteration.

More than ever you are not just buying hardware and software, you are partnering. Thus, “The Company Is The Platform”. At NetNumber, DevOps is a collaborative partnership between us, our customers’ development/operations teams and even other vendors.

Truly transformative DevOps requires a widespread collaboration and is particularly difficult for some teams to achieve because, as it requires a new way of thinking and unprecedented cooperation from people with different domain expertise and skill sets, not to the mention stringent vendor deployment rules. Repetitive, successful DevOps is not formulaic it requires an adaptable platform of People, Processes, Collaborative tooling and a unified solution build to interact with all three.

Collaborative Tooling

  • Turning your DevOps methodologies into Automated, Customized, CI/CD solutions
  • Support for multiple deployment models


  • Built for continuous solution deliver
  • Built from the ground up to enable InterGENerational, Kubernetes-based cloud-native, Virtual Machine and Bare Metal continuous solution delivery

TITAN.IUM Integrated DevOps provides

  • Continuous Integration: Interactive feedback loop between you and NetNumber product and development teams
  • Continuous Delivery: Continuous, secure and immutable Software Delivery into a multi-vendor environment
  • Continuous Testing: Delivery of Continuous and evolving collaborative vendor Test suites to a customized customer platform
  • Continuous Deployment: A unified deployment across Containers, Virtual Machines and Bare Metal using a variety of deployment tools

How does TITAN.IUM itself help improve overall DevOps?

TITAN.IUM drastically reduces the touchpoints in your architecture. It is truly one system, not just from a user interface standpoint, but under the covers as well. TITAN.IUM deploys and operates all of its Subscriber Data Management, Global Data Management, Signaling/Routing and Security applications for 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G, a single Management System, a common Analytics engine and an identical set of Application Programmable Interfaces (API).