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NetNumber has experts with deep knowledge in signaling/routing, security, and subscriber database management.


Our industy-first platform brings together domain services, applications, security, and global data services.


We have the ability to seamlessly increase network efficiency using vertical and horizontal scaling.


Our world-class solutions have the power to help companies create new service offerings and accelerate time to ROI.


Enjoy significant savings in capex and opex, flexible deployment models, and investment protection.

5G Roaming Security Evolution

The GSMA’s 5G Mobile Roaming Revisited (5GMRR) Task Force has recently released Phase 1 of its latest guidelines for the new 5G roaming connections. Patrick Donegan, Founder and Principal Analyst with HardenStance, and Pieter Veenstra, Chairman of the GSMA 5GMRR Task Force, will present and discuss the background to this work, the implications of the Phase 1 work, and the road ahead in terms of the 5GMRR Task Force’s ongoing Phase 2 and Phase 3 documentation.

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5G Roaming Drives Security by Redesign

By Patrick Donegan, Principal Analyst, HardenStance

Across hundreds of nation state jurisdictions all over the world, different politicians, regulators, citizens, businesses and interest groups strike very different balances between security, privacy, operational efficiency and scalability

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