About Us

NetNumber is Changing the Future of Telco Networks and Services by Delivering the Industry’s only Cloud-Native Software Platform Enriched with Robust Data Sources and Analytics, Enabling Network Transformation from legacy (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE) to 5G and Dramatically reducing Cost Structures and Time to Market for New Services

For decades, telco networks were monolithic and complex. Hardware-based products and rigid processes impeded the ability of CSPs to upgrade, customize, or scale the network. CSPs have had to maintain legacy 2G and 3G networks alongside 4G, and now will need to do so with the advent of 5G. Simple connectivity and networking are no longer a source of competitive differentiation, as voice and messaging have become commoditized.

The telecom industry is undergoing a dramatic transition to 5G, edge computing technologies and associated platform capabilities to extract value beyond connectivity. Physical infrastructure that had been the mainstay of the telecom industry is shifting to an enterprise IT infrastructure that is distributed, cloud-based and enabled by orchestration and automation capabilities. CSPs recognize they must prepare for new networking, signaling and security challenges ushered in by 5G and these related technology trends.

NetNumber was founded in 1999 with the goal of simplifying the migration of SS7/C7 signaling to next-generation signaling while enabling operators to continue to use telephone numbers to identify subscribers. Today, NetNumber is focused on bridging legacy technologies into new cloud-native infrastructures, while delivering the future services. No other vendor is able to combine telecom data with a purpose-built, state-of-the-art platform into a single powerful network solution. NetNumber offers CSPs a powerful path forward.

NetNumber’s unique value and expertise are in helping CSPs manage the escalating complexity of multi-generational networks, while helping capture new revenue opportunities presented by data, security, and 5G. Our purpose— Ensuring Global InterGENerational Network Performance—supports our customers wrestling with generations of technology, be it 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G.

NetNumber Platforms

NetNumber offers two platforms to CSPs. The NetNumber TITAN platform, hardened for the CSP network over many years, is an integrated, fully NFV-compliant solution for 2G through4G. It enables CSPs to roll out multiple network solutions on a single platform and combine industry data such as number portability, 800, CNAME, and much more. Carriers can deploy TITAN in a wide range of ways including: virtualized, cloud-hosted (i.e., AWS), NFV-compliant, cloud-native and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, providing optimal flexibility. It is an ideal solution for carriers not ready to transition to a fully cloud-native environment.

The NetNumber TITAN.IUM™ InterGENerational™ platform is designed to reach the next evolution in performance and scale, making it ideal for 5G and mobile edge compute (MEC) architectures. TITAN.IUM provides a streamlined container-based design, ideal for CSPs that are ready to transition to a cloud-native platform. The platform supports a “deploy anywhere” implementation that facilitates the use of native containers and containers running on virtual machines (VMs) or a turnkey hardware/software solution.

NetNumber Solutions

NetNumber TITAN and TITAN.IUM are flexible platforms with an array of innovative network applications for

  • Signaling, Security and Routing
  • Subscriber Data Management
  • Access and Session Management
  • Private Networks (Private LTE), and
  • Customer Defined Solutions

Applications are virtualized, NFV-compliant, cloud native and deployed on commercially available hardware, providing optimal network flexibility. NetNumber applications enable carriers to accelerate implementation of new solutions and services such as Data Analytics, Security and Fraud Threat Prevention, and IoT/M2M across multiple generations of networks, while dramatically simplifying the core network and reducing operating costs.

The NetNumber Guaranteed Caller solution family addresses all commonly known trusted-call scenarios, enabling legitimate callers to participate in the STIR/SHAKEN trust network while locking out fraudulent callers. It is the industry’s most comprehensive approach to solving unwanted calls.

NetNumber Global Data Services (GDS)

Accurate routing of voice and messaging services requires access to real-time, authentic data which are the critical elements for global inter-carrier routing, roaming, voice and messaging services. The NetNumber GDS portfolio ensures that its customers have that critical data. Today, data can vary widely by CSP, country of origin, country of destination, data type, and by the third-party sources providing it creating large gaps in routing information. GDS helps to close these gaps to ensure complete, accurate, up-to-the-minute data and coverage, all delivered through highly reliable, low-latency platforms that deliver impressive throughput.

NetNumber GDS provides a single, cost-effective source for authoritative global data, covering telecom, enterprise and security markets. This data covers 195+ countries, 6,000+ service providers and 450,000 code-ranges.

Some of the services that support the high-volume, accurate delivery of messages include Mobile Number Information Service, Carrier ID Service, Overrride Services Registry, Nuisance Calls Identification and more.

In Summary

NetNumber is experiencing tremendous growth across all regions as we serve customers across several markets including Wireless, Wireline, MVNO, Interconnect, Messaging, Enterprise, Government, and many more.

Unlike many other vendors that adapt hardware-based solutions into software, NetNumber started with software and never has produced hardware solutions. This gives us a depth of knowledge and accomplishment in software-based signaling management, orchestration, cloud and security that helps customers future-proof their infrastructure.

To stay abreast of and influence the trends that impact our customers, NetNumber subject matter experts participate in a wide range of industry associations and working groups. We are focused on being a true vendor partner, and offering our customers a powerful path forward.