Guaranteed Caller™ enables legitimate callers to participate in the STIR/SHAKEN trust network

Washington, DC – December 14, 2020 – Competitive Carriers Association (“CCA”) today announced a technology and marketing engagement program with NetNumber to provide a complete solution for CCA carrier members to cost-effectively mitigate unwanted robocalls. NetNumber’s Guaranteed Caller Service Provider (GCSP) solution delivers a complete solution for the signing and verification of known trusted calls allowing CCA members to ensure that the calls of their legitimate subscribers travel inside the STIR/SHAKEN trusted network.

American consumers receive over 200K unwanted and/or fraudulent calls every minute, many using spoofed caller IDs to increase the likelihood that the called party will answer the call. To combat this growing problem, the FCC has mandated service provider implementation of the STIR/SHAKEN set of standards as a solution to the widespread use of CLI spoofing in fraudulent calls. Service Providers operating IP-based voice services must implement STIR/SHAKEN in their networks by June 30th 2021.

Through this program, CCA carrier members have an opportunity to deploy GCSP and meet the FCCs deadline. In addition, GCSP provides both SIP and TDM/SS7 support including the TDMenabling Call Placement Service (CPS), which is included with each Guaranteed Caller™ solution sold. This means that service providers that deploy GCSP to meet the FCC mandate of today also have deployed a solution that will be needed for tomorrow’s inevitable regulations on TDM/SS7 STIR/SHAKEN.

Steven K. Berry, President & CEO of CCA said, “CCA is pleased to work with NetNumber to bring its Guaranteed Caller platform for STIR/SHAKEN to CCA’s carrier members. The goal is to help smaller carriers provide cost-effective solutions that protect subscribers from illegal robocalling. We are delighted to work with NetNumber to see that all CCA carrier members can launch a solution.”

“The CCA is an extremely important organization to all of the competitive carriers in the US, and we are thrilled to provide a STIR/SHAKEN solution for their members,” said Matt Rosenberg, chief revenue office for NetNumber. “The FCC has imposed an aggressive date that must be met, and we are excited to be a trusted advisor to the CCA members to help them meet the deadline.”

About CCA
CCA is the nation’s leading association for competitive wireless providers and stakeholders across the United States. Members range from small, rural carriers serving fewer than 5,000 customers to regional and nationwide providers serving millions of customers, as well as vendors and suppliers that provide products and services throughout the wireless communications ecosystem. Visit

About NetNumber
NetNumber, Inc. brings over 20 years of experience delivering platforms that power global telecom and enterprise networks. Our software-based signaling-control solutions accelerate delivery of new services like Private LTE and IoT/M2M solutions across multi-gen networks, dramatically simplifying the core and reducing opex. These solutions span a range of network  types from 2G-3G-4G-5G to future G delivered on the industry’s most robust signaling platform. NetNumber Data Services are essential for global inter-carrier routing, roaming, voice and messaging. Data powers fraud detection and prevention solutions and enables enterprise B2B and B2C communications platforms. NetNumber multi-protocol signaling firewall, fraud detection, and robocalling solutions help secure networks against current/emerging threats. For more information, visit us at

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