Pieter Veenstra, NetNumber Lead Solution Architect

In my current blog series, I’ve been reviewing the challenges IPX carriers face and the opportunities enabled by NetNumber’s centralized signaling and routing control (CSRC) platform TITAN.  In my previous posts, I’ve addressed the requirements to support number portability and intelligent routing.  In this post, I will focus on interworking.

The increasing complexity with parallel protocol families (SS7/C7, DNS/ENUM, SIP and DIAMETER) and multiple versions of these signaling protocols are two factors driving the need for interworking. Hence all protocol interworking is becoming so complex that telecom operators are increasingly outsourcing interworking to IPX carriers in order both to reduce costs and to avoid risks.  Frankly, most telecom operators lack the special expertise required to manage the whole range of various interworking scenarios, for example, 2G/3G/LTE access management or the use of legacy IN services in IMS networks.

Additionally, IPX carriers are beginning to recognize that profound interworking can support a better Quality of Experience (QoE), thereby enabling differentiation and competitive advantage.  With proper interworking, voice, as an example, could have a higher rate of success (Answer Seizure Rate) and a better quality than similar offers from competitive IPX carriers. And as a result, operators report extended call durations and increased call volumes.

TITAN offers the flexibility and the capability to interwork all supported signaling protocols including, where applicable, real-time adaptations per message and/or parameter.  The very specific and unique in-depth protocol knowledge inside NetNumber, reflected in the sophisticated TITAN service logic, can provide IPX carriers with all the interworking capabilities they need.  As our interworking portfolio is continuously extended and updated with the latest practices, our IPX carrier customers are assured they are prepared for the future.

What do you think are the most critical challenges driving the IPX business?  Share your perspective below.  And check back next week as I focus on the need for an extensible and flexible platform for IPX networks.

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