For decades, the telco network has been monolithic and complex. Hardware-based products and rigid processes have impeded the operator’s ability to upgrade, customize, or scale the network. Today, the telecom industry is undergoing a seismic shift in the transition to 5G.

Physical infrastructure that had been the mainstay of the telecom industry is transitioning to an enterprise IT infrastructure that is distributed, cloud-based and enabled by orchestration and automation capabilities. Processes such as network monitoring, moving data around the network, and day-to-day network operation are all being impacted.

NetNumber offers ‘A NEW PERSPECTIVE‘— the industry’s most robust cloud-native platform that addresses both the legacy and next-generation requirements of telecom networks. Our solution is built upon five pillars:

  • A cloud-native, infrastructure with distributed control that can be deployed anywhere
  • An automated, Kubernetes-orchestrated solution
  • An InterGENerational platform that spans key solution domains
  • A secure, open access, data analytics model
  • A strong culture of customer engagement and customization

Enabling the cloud-native journey today

As network technology is changing for 5G networks, the underlying architecture also is altering radically. NetNumber enables the move from a fixed, legacy infrastructure, to a containerized, cloud-native one. Being able to scale sufficiently and rapidly is essential, and so is providing full lifecycle management for current and future 5G requirements.
Since not all operators are ready for a native container solution, NetNumber can deploy the solution as a Virtual Machine (VM) and a turnkey hardware and software solution. This is critical to many operators’ journeys, because environments will run in parallel and in many cases on the same embedded infrastructure, for the foreseeable future.

Providing scale and reducing complexity with automation

Automation and Kubernetes-based orchestration are fundamental to the cloud-native, decentralized model. A big part of running a distributed infrastructure is managing and monitoring it in real-time, including new challenges such thousands of edge points. NetNumber works with customers to simplify their infrastructure and reduce the cost of managing it.

InterGENerational support over many solution domains

NetNumber has a long history of InterGENerational solutions supporting a single platform with uniform interfaces, processes, logging and monitoring. NetNumber also offers targeted solutions, critical for modern networks including, subscriber data management, secure signaling and routing, Internet Protocol (IP) Multimedia Subsystems (IMS), fraud control, as well as Access, Authentication & Authorization control (AAA). All of this is deployable at scale, with a wide range of tools, enabling the operator to run the network in the current state and into the future.

Data with a difference

Operators are challenged to move huge amounts of different kinds of data around the network. Each type has requirements regarding latency, how and where they are replicated, and other parameters. These data models and data types are critical to the infrastructure, and will undergo fundamental shifts as the network undergoes architectural changes. We hear a lot about analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, but in the past, the data has been held in closed and proprietary systems, making it hard to access and leverage. NetNumber ensures operators are able to use all the information from the network elements we provide and that the information can be used by other systems and analytics platforms, which is a substantial differentiator.

The human touch

The breadth and depth of NetNumber’s skills, experience and expertise garnered over the last 20 years uniquely enables us to help customers through the challenges of deploying a new infrastructure— connecting it to legacy infrastructure is one of our specialties.

We work closely with customers to tailor solutions to their specific needs. We find that as our customers learn more about our product sets and our platform, we jointly start to explore other potential opportunities where we can work with them to simplify their infrastructure and reduce its management costs.

NetNumber is proud to have long-term partnerships with many of our customers, that continue to evolve. This means that repeat business is high for us, and this is the best recommendation any company can have. Once we start to build a track record with a customer, we find our business expands in almost every account we have, as the customer understands more about the capabilities and outstanding service we provide.

The complimentary report “A New Perspective” from Mobile Europe and NetNumber that includes this article plus ‘Strategies to Tackle Security and Fraud Threats’ and ‘5G market opportunities: Getting an edge on 5G and beyond’ is available for download here.


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